New Mobile Legends Hero Gameplay Named Lobe (Reserved String)

Mobile Legends will have one more new hero in a future update, the hero is named Lobe (Reserved String).

This hero himself has a flying appearance like Eudora with the same face as Argus, which is a mask and for his own walking style, it is even like Estes.

Previously, Moonton himself was diligent in bringing unique updates including the emergence of new heroes into their Mobile Legends game.

They do this so that their loyal players don’t run away or leave their game to move to another moba game.

The presence of a new hero made by Moonton will first enter the advanced server before entering the original server.

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Lobe Mobile Legends
photo via yt

Because the advanced server is actually for trial servers and servers are generally original servers where heroes who have passed the advanced server will immediately enter this server.

On this advanced server, Moonton presents a new hero again for the umpteenth time, the new hero is named Lobe (Reserved String).

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

This hero will have a role mage later with very unique skills, the rest about this one hero you can see the video below!

In the video, at a glance, you can see the enormous ability of this Lobe (Reserved String) hero.

In fact, many predict that this hero will easily enter the meta game because of his very impressive skills.

Then the release date itself is still unknown, but according to the predictions of SPIN Esports, the new Lobe Mobile Legends hero will be released next year.

Given that there are still many lists of heroes that have not been released by Moonton to the original server.

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