New Hero Boudicca Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends will have a new hero, probably after Paquito. The new hero Boudicca Mobile Legends will be the next hero, and he is a marksman. There is something interesting but from this “leak”. It can be said that he could be a quite unique new hero. Here, let’s talk about the new Boudicca Mobile Legends hero. As a new marksman, this is definitely fun for us to discuss this time.

For those who are curious about Boudicca, below we will discuss together. Even though there is no complete and official information yet, there are some that can be kidnapped. Mobile Legends, who are actively releasing new heroes, deserve appreciation. but is he considered “fresh” compared to other heroes?

The name Boudicca itself is interesting. Similar to other heroes in Mobile Legends, the name Boudicca is also taken from legends and myths. The name Boudicca itself is actually taken from a Welsh legend. She was the queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe who rose to fight Rome at that time in Brittania.

New Hero Boudicca Mobile Legends

So this new hero is quite interesting. It looks like he will have a relationship with the gunslingers in Mobile Legends, namely Layla, Clint, and Lesley. Seen from a design point of view, Boudicca is a marksman who uses his weapon. But there is something different.

Boudicca is seen using 4 weapons, which means there is a possibility that he has more than 3 skills. From the key art design, he is seen using a gun, shotgun, sniper, and launcher. So maybe he still has 3 skills as usual, but this weapon will become a skill.

Speculation is that the skill uses a shotgun, sniper, and launcher which is the ultimate. This means that he has close burst damage, long range poke, and a finisher. We often see this combination of skills in marksman in general in Mobile Legends such as Granger, Clint, and others.

Himself has a design like a mechanic. Even the clothes and of course the arms which have steel prosthetics indicate this. It is possible that in terms of lore he will have a relationship with Layla, but it does not rule out Lesley and Harvey as well.

It’s interesting if these weapons are his stance. So he has lots of skills depending on what weapon he uses. But yes, we can only wait until he is released later. So for those who can’t wait, just wait for Boudicca to come out officially.

That’s information about the new hero Boudicca Mobile Legends. Boudicca will definitely be an interesting hero when he comes out. But we can only wait for the official release or at least enter the test server to see the action. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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