New Features of the Cobra Free Fire Special FF Bundle

So here’s one of Cobra Free Fire’s Special FF Bundle New Features! It’s been rumored if it wasn’t part of the incubator! So you must have a lot of Diamonds, before you have the latest Bundle in this latest feature later.

Of course, with this new news too, we might be surprised and wonder why it’s not present at this feature. Yesterday a lot of people said Incubator Cobra Free Fire, but apparently all those present had been replaced by Garena.

Even so, we have to keep Spin, to be able to get this prize later. Use the Spin Free Fire Hockey Tips, so that it will be easier for you to get the main prize of the Bundle.

Then for the new FF Bundle Cobra Free Fire Special Feature, it can be said that it is a quite rare type. So maybe now you really shouldn’t miss important information about this latest Bundle.

New Features of the Cobra Free Fire Special FF Bundle

So this is already present in the new feature that appeared yesterday, on the Free Fire OB26 Update. It’s ready to attend this game, so don’t forget to try and experience the latest in this interesting feature later.

Where the new feature, explains that this is specifically for Operation Cobra. Not only that, you will also be given a new choice when you already have a Bundle and enter into this latest feature.

In that feature, we will have a new Bundle, where we will be able to Set the Bundle to use any color. For example, Yellow Head, then on the Red Shirt and Green Pants. All these things we can do, without any problems at all.

Then from here you can also demonstrate and have a new Emote too, but this is a special Emote that is given specifically for the Cobra. It is not certain whether this Bundle will only get 1 piece, then we can change the color.

Or do you have to have all the bundles, so you can change the color later? It is not certain how the system will be with this new feature, but everything is clear that the new feature is indeed quite useful.

You must know the Evolution Weapon Free Fire feature? you could say that this is even included in the Bundle Evolution Feature. Because later for each Bundle, the color that is changed has a colored smoke effect when it comes down from the plane.

It’s really unique, but I don’t know how to make it work properly in the future. We can only wait for the new update, so that later it won’t be a big problem for all of you.

Because this is one of the newest features, so just make sure you all have to be able to prepare for something like this. Because of that new feature too, it will bring one of the benefits which is quite interesting to try using it with all of you later.

After seeing Cobra Free Fire’s new FF Bundle Special Features, we can’t be sure what it will be like. It’s just clear, just wait for all of it to be presented in full by Garena in a moment.

Because we all know, the FFML Season 3 Free Fire Event Schedule is still going on. That way, just follow the events that are present now so that later you can be more calm with other new prizes.

Make sure you follow my Esports Instagram now, so that later all the new information on the Free Fire game will not be missed. Because it’s always up to date, with our Instagram too.

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