MPL ID Season 7 Exclusive Skin Leaks in Mobile Legends (ML)

At the beginning of 2021, the thurman M2 World Championship will not only take place. In mid-Q1, Moonton will hold the MLP ID Season 7 tournament as well as provide its exclusive skin. This is the leak of the exclusive MPL ID Season 7 skin in Mobile Legends!

Regarding MPL ID Season 7, Moonton hasn’t officially announced it, but the presence of the tournament will certainly take place soon, this is because every Season Moonton often presents a tournament called MPL.

On this occasion, Esportsku will give a leak about the exclusive skin for MPL ID Season 7 on Mobile Legends. What heroes will get the special MPL skin?

Exclusive MPL ID Season 7 Skin in Mobile Legends

Exclusive MPL ID Season 7 Skin in Mobile Legends

Regarding the exclusive skin for MPL ID Season 7 in Mobile Legends, it will be given to hero Wanwan, this marksman hero will get a skin that you can see in the leaked image above.

Even so, the skin above is still a survey skin presented by Moonton, there are three skins given, namely, Skin A on the left and C on the right. So, from the three skins, which skin do you think is suitable for the exclusive MPL ID Season 7 in Mobile Legends?

According to the author, Skin A is perfect for the upcoming MPL ID Season 7 Exclusive! This skin looks very suitable with the MPL theme that Moonton presents every year.

Wanwan herself is a marksman hero who seems to be being spoiled right now. In February he will get his newest Epic Showcase skin, Pixel Blast, of course this is very close to the start of MPL ID Season 7.

Now for the MPL ID Season 7 it is said that it will start in February 2021 after the M2 World Championship tournament has finished. The match will be even more intense again in February.

That means Wanwan will get two skins at once in one month, first the Pixel Blast Skin which will be present at the Epic Showcase and then an Exclusive Skin on the MPL ID Season 7.

You need to know, the information above can change at any time. It could be that the exclusive skin above is not the MPL ID Season 7 or maybe the next MPL, because in one year Moonton presents three MPL tuners at once.

But certainly, the Wanwan skin above will be present as an exclusive skin at the upcoming MPL tournament. Now about the next information, we will immediately convey it in another article.

So what do you think about the MPL Exclusive skin given to the Wanwan hero above? Then is the Pixel Blast Skin better or the MPL Exclusive Skin above? Give your answer yes!

That’s all the information about the exclusive MPL ID Season 7 in Mobile Legends given to the hero Wanwan. Look forward to more recent information about the Mobile Legends game only on Esportsku!

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