MP5K as a replacement for Vector in Vikendi PUBG Mobile, here are the specifications!

PUBG Mobile always provides updates that make players never run out of ideas to further explore things in this game, for example, weapons. Some pubg mobile maps such as Vikendi and Sanhok even have their own signature weapons that you won’t find on the Erangel and Miramar maps.

Call it QBZ which replaced SCAR-L on the Sanhok map, and QBU which replaced the Mini-14. Vikendi also did the same, the SCAR-L was replaced by an AR gun with the same ammunition (5.56mm) named the G36C. PP-Bizon which you can only find in Erangel and Vikendi, and Vector which is replaced by MP5K on the Vikendi map.

Talking about the MP5K, this weapon is not that long you know present at Vikendi to replace Vector. Do you already know the details of this latest SMG weapon? Check out the explanation below!

MP5K replaces Vector in Vikendi PUBG Mobile, here are the specifications!

Damage and Fire Rate

Using a 9mm bullet this weapon has a damage of 33 points with a fire rate of 0.067s. This weapon has 3 modes, namely auto, burst, and single, making it easier for you to shoot down enemies or tapping in single mode. Having a fast fire rate makes weapons including SMGs painful.

The distance that can be traveled by this weapon is as far as 200 meters before finally experiencing a bullet drop.

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The damage that is quite large turns out to also provide quite ‘felt’ recoil. The bullets will fire uncontrollably if you don’t hold the recoil and don’t use attachments at all. Compared to Vector, this weapon still has a higher recoil.

So if you want to use this weapon, our advice is to fill all the attachment slots, especially on the muzzle with a compensator and tactical stock.

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Reload Duration

Without using the extended mag, this weapon can accommodate as many as 30 bullet bullets. If you add an extended mag, this weapon can accommodate 40 bullets in one reload.

Discussing reloading, this weapon takes 4.5 seconds when not using the quickdraw magazine and takes 3.1 seconds when using quickdraw.

The reloading time figure generated by the MP5K is still below the superiority of Vector, because Vector only takes 2 seconds if you don’t use the quickdraw mag and only 1.5 seconds when using the quickdraw mag.

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This weapon has 5 attachment slots for scope, muzzle, foregrip, magazine, and tactical stock. Unlike Vector, which cannot use all foregrips, this MP5K weapon is capable of using all foregrips available on PUBG Mobile.


This weapon is perfect for close combat because of its high fire rate and large magazine. The large recoil will be more pronounced if you attach the scope to the upper rail of this weapon. Use a red dot sight or holographic sight to reduce the recoil of this weapon when shooting at close range.

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Based on the explanation above, do you think that MP5K is appropriate to use as a replacement weapon for Vector in the Vikendi Pubg Mobile map? Thank you for listening!


I liked playing PUBG Mobile from the early season when there was no RP, but it’s still 11 12 with bots until now hehe

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