MORPH Team Dominate the First Day of Baparekraf Prime Game 2020!

The implementation of the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 for the PUBG Mobile tournament has finally started today. Followed by 16 teams, the contestants certainly try to look their best in order to get captivating results.

Held on August 4 and 5, the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 PUBG Mobile Online Tournament is fighting for a total prize of IDR 100 million which the teams with the best results can get.

Broadcast live on the YouTube channel GGWP.ID, this event certainly attracted a lot of attention from the PUBG Mobile community in Indonesia.

How could I not, a series of well-known teams, namely Bigetron ION, MORPH, RRQ Ryu, BOOM Esports, ONIC Esports, and a number of other teams also enlivened the tournament.

MORPH Team Domination Day One

Followed by a well-known team and no doubt about the quality, of course the match presented by the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 PUBG Mobile Onlien Tournament feels very fierce.

Even so, the MORPH Team seems to have successfully demonstrated dominance. The esports team that was formed as a result of the collaboration between Reza Arap and BUBU.COM managed to be at the top of the temporary standings.

Source: GGWP.ID

The courage that the MORPH Team shows can be seen from how they managed to secure 3 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner times which of course cannot be done by other teams in a record problem.

WWCD’s 3 achievement also made the MORPH Team far ahead of RRQ Ryu who was in second place with 82 points. Followed by Bigetron ION who was in third with 76 points.

Source: GGWP.ID

Not only WWCD issues, MORPH Team also has an excellent record of kill issues. They have successfully secured 3 times WWCD and received support from more than 48 kills.

The Second Day Will Be More Exciting

The excitement of the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 PUBG Mobile Online Tournament will continue on August 5. Not only is it proving whether the MOPRH Team will still dominate, surprises from various teams are of course also eagerly awaited.

Source: GGWP.ID

What’s more, Bigetron ION teams are also championed as champions other than MORPH Team which is currently in the top position. Also, it’s interesting to see how the standings move for the middle and bottom.

And for those of you who don’t want to miss the second day of the Baparekraf Game Prime 2020 PUBG Mobile Online Tournament and can witness who the team will bring home a total of 100 million rupiah in cash, you can go directly to the GGWP.ID YouTube channel on August 5 at 12 noon.

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