Moonton Presents the Latest Jawhead Skin With a Pinky Look

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBAs that you can play right now, where they always present their newest skin every month. After this month Jawhead received the latest Epic Limited skin that was present at the Epic Showcase Event, in the upcoming update, Moonton also presented a Jawhead skin with an all-pinky look!

Jawhead himself is one of the most popular fighter heroes, especially in his ability to be an offlaner, this one hero is famous for his excellent initiator ability by throwing opponents at many of his fellow heroes, so there won’t be time for the opponent to run away and eventually be eliminated. Jawhead’s hero gameplay is also quite unique from most other fighter heroes.

So, on this occasion, Esportsku will provide the latest leak regarding the latest skins that will be present for the Jawhead hero in the Mobile Legends game, what’s interesting from before, is that Jawhead’s appearance is now very feminine all pinky.

Jawhead Mobile Legends Latest Skin Leaks

It looks a bit feminine, but the skin above is the winner of the survey that Moonton presented today. Jawhead became a pink doll bear and Alice rode it like Masha and the Bear.

In this latest skin, Jawhead does not act as a mecha robot like his Epic Showcase skin. Instead, Jawhead became a large doll bear and was able to lift Alice inside. With an all-pink design, it gives a new impression to Jawhead’s newest skin.

In the latest leak, this Jawhead Skin is rumored to be the latest Special or Starlight skin that will be present in the upcoming update. Because the selection of the survey winner has just been released, of course it will be quite a while if this skin is released later. The author’s prediction, it could be two months or three months.

With the presence of the latest skin, this time it says that Jawhead has quite a number of skins he has until now. The reason is, with just the latest skin released today, namely Samurai Mech at the Epic Showcase Event, Moonton provides the latest appearance for the latest skins that will be present in the future.

This of course will provide good news, especially for those of you who are Jawhead hero users in Mobile Legends. With quite a lot of skin variations, of course it will increase your enthusiasm in playing the Mobile Legends game. 3

Just look forward to the next few months until this newest skin is actually released in the Mobile Legends game. But what is certain, if it is not a Special skin, then this skin is a Starlight skin that was released for the Jawhead hero, because Jawhead himself already has a complete skin, starting from Normal, Elite, Special, and also Epic Limited.

So, those are the latest reviews for the best skins that will be present for the Jawhead hero who displays an all-pinky look. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Jawhead users in Mobile Legends.

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