Moonton Presents Second ML Skin Design Competition for Mobile Legends

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends is currently holding a competition that everyone can participate in. The competition that is currently being held is the Mobile Legends skin design competition. Peru you know that before Moonton had made a competition like this and now this is the second time a skin design competition has been held again.

With a competition like this, of course it is very good for Mobile Legends players where they can express their creativity and if they succeed in winning this competition, their work will be used in the Mobile Legends game. For those of you who have talent in the field of graphic design, please join this competition because there are big prizes that you can win.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the Mobile Legends Skin Design Competition. For those of you who are curious and want to know about the detailed information on the skin competition held by Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

Mobile Legends Skin Design Competition

Good news comes from Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends for those of you players who have graphic design skills because there will be another Mobile Legends skin design competition.

Show your creativity and win this competition to win the big prize. You need to know that to take part in this competition, there are rules or regulations that you must follow, here is the full explanation below, properly and correctly!

Schedule for the Mobile Legends Skin Design Competition

  • Submission Time: 15 July 2020 – 12 August 2020
  • Selection time: 13 August 2020 – 28 August 2020
  • Voting Time: 4 September 2020 – 13 September 2020

Mobile Legends Skin Design Competition Award

  • Best Skin Design will get 10000 Diamond Mobile Legends
  • All Starlight 2019 skins; Avatar Border “MGL Artist” has the opportunity to be accepted by MLBB Official for the period 2010 and the one who is in the best category will get 8000 Diamond Mobile Legends.
  • “MGL Artist” Border Avatar with Best Innovation Category will get 5000 Diamonds
  • Border avatar “MGL Artist” in the Best Costume category will get 3000
  • Diamonds and skins that get the most votes will get 1000 Diamond Mobile Legends

Detailed Information of the Mobile Legends Skin Design Competition

  • Each ID can only send one skin design. If more than one skin is submitted, the best design will be chosen
  • The skin design work must use the simplest possible format and after that it must be uploaded on Google Drive then you send the link to MLBB via the link provided.
  • Make sure your Google Drive link can be accessed by MLBB because if it can’t be accessed it will be disqualified or invalid
  • It is hoped that those of you who want to take part in this competition are expected to fill out the submission questionnaire carefully. The MLBB official will contact you if you succeed in winning this competition and give an award with the nominal described above
  • The skin design that you submit must not be copyright infringement.

For the problem of copyright infringement itself, there are a number of rules that you must follow because you need to know that if there is a copyright infringement problem then you will also get quite a problem.

Therefore, make sure you use the image item component which is free of copyright. The following is an explanation of the copyright rules for the Mobile Legends skin competition.

Mobile Legends Skin Competition Copyright Infringement Rules

  • The skin design work that you make is original and does not violate the law and interests related to third parties.
  • The skin design work that you submit is the original work where you published this skin work for the first time in this competition. Not published on other platforms or in breach of contracts with third parties.
  • In the design work, the submitted skin may not have content that violates the law, norms, public order, morals, etc. If this skin design competition event has not been completed and there are found to be violations, then your skin design submission will be considered invalid.
  • MLBB Official also has the right to provide legal prosecution to you and has the right to revoke it if the award has been given to you.
  • All participants who take part in this skin design competition must agree that by submitting a Mobile Legends skin design there is no copyright infringement and all intellectual property rights are fully transferred to Moonton except for the attribution rights.

Moonton after getting the copyright of your skin design has the right to directly, yourself, or authorize other third parties to use the intellectual property rights of their work rights in any way.

So, those are the rules that you must follow so that there are no problems with copyright. After knowing the detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of this competition, you must also know the voting rules for the skin design that will be the winner in this competition. The following is a complete explanation.


Voting Rules for the Mobile Legends Skin Design Competition

  • All works will be selected according to the conceptual aspects, colors, costumes, overall effects, and so on.
  • After the submission stage ends, the first round of selection will be carried out and for participants who pass the selection stage their work will be entered into the voting stage.
  • All works whose skins are eligible for voting will be awarded.
    The winner of the “Best Skin Poupularity” category will be determined based on the number of votes received.
  • Awards other than “Best Skin Popularity” will be determined by the MLBB and the voting results.
  • One Skin design work can win several awards at once in this competition.
  • All final decisions are entitled to be decided by MLBB Official.

Now that’s an explanation of the Mobile Legends skin design competition that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. For those of you who have graphic design talent, please join this competition and win big prizes!

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