Monton Gives Johnson’s New Skill in Mobile Legends? Got Nos!

We already know that Johnson is one of the most popular heroes in season 19 at the moment. This one hero has a unique ability which makes him transform into a car, now it’s not just a car, apparently Moonton gave Johnson a new skill in the form of a nos!

If you are a fan of games like GTA or others, surely every car in the game has a nos feature, now that nos certainly makes the car even faster. Of course this will also have an impact on Johnson in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about Johnson’s new skills in Mobile Legends. This skill is likely to be faster when the ultimate is used. So curious like what.

Johnson’s New Skill in Mobile Legends

Monton Gives Johnson's New Skill in Mobile Legends?  Got Nos!

Johnson’s new skill can only be activated when he is in ultimate mode. When transforming into a car, you can reactivate skills that allow it to get a nos like in other racing games.

Of course, with the presence of nos, Johnson’s speed will be significantly increased even more. And even those of you who were previously good at playing this one hero must adapt again.

The reason was, the faster Johnson’s pace, the harder it was to control. You are also required to drive faster to avoid various obstacles in the Land of Dawn map.

With the ability of a faster speed, it will be very useful for Johnson in a team fight, this allows him to rotate, roaming faster than before.

You can see the difference in the speed of Johnson’s hero in ultimate mode with the nos in the gameplay above. Johnson will be faster at surfing the map in the Land of Dawn.

Even so, even though it is very fast, of course, Johnson’s own hero will be quite difficult for you to use than before. You guys should definitely learn to ride Johnson more often.

Regarding this, unfortunately there is no information about when Johnson’s new skill will arrive on the Original Server. But just make sure that you will have the latest updates regarding this latest skill in the next update.

To get ready, if it’s released later and you want to try it out, it’s actually quite easy. You only need to double-tap the ultimate skill of the Johnson hero and then the nos will appear.

Now that’s a review of Johnson’s new skills that will be present in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

Look forward to more recent information and don’t forget to activate notifications so you don’t miss the latest articles about the Mobile Legends game. See you in the next article Collaboration Skin Balmond Mobile Legends X Demon Slayer and see you!

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