Moco Players Free Fire (FF) Common Mistake

Free Fire is a battle royale game that is really popular around the world. In this game, there are many characters that you can use in order to help you win the game. With this character, you will have some unique skills that every character has. Which is why, it is important for you to know every character skill in this game. So you can choose which one is your favorite character in Free Fire. Now we have some Moco players Free Fire common mistake that you need to know!

Moco Players Free Fire (FF) Common Mistake

You are terrible at aiming

There are many players that is not really good at aiming. This can be an important mistake if you’re using Moco as your character. You need to keep on shooting the enemy accurately in order to maximize her skill. If you keep missing your shot, then Moco’s skill will be a waste since it will be hard for you to utilize her skill. Not only that, if you keep firing your weapon without hitting your enemy, the enemy will be able to locate your position instead.

Using the wrong weapon

If you’re using the wrong weapon, this character’s skill will not be as effective as it should be. In order to use Moco’s skill properly, we suggest you to use a mid to long range weapon, so that you can track your enemy position from afar. You can also use a silencer so that the enemy will not be able to locate your position as well.

A terrible opening fire

If you find an enemy from a quite long distance and you’re using an AWM, the opening fire is really crucial for you. Most sniper rifle has a really slow rate of fire, which is why one bullet really counts in a battle. If you miss your first shot towards the enemy, then it will be difficult for you to take the second shot. It’s because the enemy will know your position and the enemy will have more time to evade you to go to a hiding.

Terrible positioning is also one of Moco players free fire common mistake

The most common mistake that Free Fire players are doing when using Moco is that they often shoot at the enemy from any direction. If you’re shooting your enemy from the higher ground, you will have better visibility so you can always track your enemy movement. As an observer, a high ground is the best vantage point, and that’s where you need to be most of the time in the game. Moco is a character that is suitable as a sniper or an observer. Which is why this character can be really powerful if you position yourself in the high ground.

And that’s some Moco players Free Fire common mistake that you need to know so you can avoid it. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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