Mobile Legends Hero Tier List in Meta Season 17

Mobile Legends Hero Tier List is the ranking order of the most favorite heroes in competitive & ranked META to those that don’t sell at all.

The hero tiers below are categorized from TierS to TierD. The division of the heroes below is based on the Hyper Carry meta (1-3-1) which is broken down from Core, Sidelane, Tank, and Support.


This is a very good hero. You must immediately pick or tire because it is indeed overpowered (OP) or suitable for use in META S17. These are the heroes that are almost 100% contested on MPL Season 6.

Core Sidelane Tank Support
Yi Sun Shin Yu Zhong Atlas Luo Yi
Ling Uranus Khufra Pharsa
Esmeralda Popol & Kupa
Khufra Mobile Legends
Photo via: Mobile Legends


These are pretty good heroes safe for you to pick if the heroes in Tier-S have already been picked up by the opponent or banned

Core Sidelane Tank Support
Roger Khaleed Baxia Selena
Lancelot Thamuz Hilda Kagura
Hayabusa Balmond Vale
Harith Gatot Kaca Valir
Claude X-Borg Angela

khaleed mobile legends


This is a hero who is still consistent and good enough for you to pick if the heroes at Tier-A and Tier-S are already not available (picked up by the opponent or banned)

Core Sidelane Tank Support
Kimmy Alice Akai Cyclops
Helcurt Jawhead Hylos Aurora
Hanzo Chou Lolita Chang’e
Karrie Lunox Grock Cecilion
Wanwan Ruby Kaja
Natalia Masha Diggie
Bruno Badang Carmilla

offlaner mobile legends lunox


This is a hero less effective in the current meta season 17 and the heroes below as much as possible will be the last choice. Try to only pick these heroes when you have already expert with these heroes.

Core Sidelane Tank Support
Granger Freya Tigreal Nana
Irithel Alpha Franco Gord
Gusion Leomord Johnson Kadita
Fanny Silvanna Faramis
Moskov Dyrroth Estes
Harley Zhask


This is a hero who can’t compete in meta season 17. SPIN recommends that you don’t play the heroes below in this mode. Rank until the heroes below get buff or revamp.

Core Sidelane Tank Support
Miya Zilong Minotaur Rafaela
Layla Alucard Belerick Vexana
Lesley Bane Eudora
Clint Hungry Odette
Saber Argus Lylia
Karina Minsitthar
Layla Mobile Legends
Photo via: Mobile Legends

That is the list of heroes tiers from the strongest (S) to the weakest (D) in the current Season 17 meta and hopefully in Season 18 META these heroes can change so that the game doesn’t get boring because of the same heroes.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

Hopefully with the new MPL S6 regulation, which is a 5 hero tire for each team, we can see Tier B or C heroes being picked up more often.

Regarding this, fortunately Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game is planning Project NEXT. This project is a large-scale revamp project to improve gameplay, graphics, and also revamp old heroes that are likely to be released in Season 18.

Do you agree with this mobile legends tier list (updated September 2020) hero? If there is something you don’t agree with, just comment and tell your reasons.

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