Mobile Legends Control Strategy, Difficult to Conquer in ML!

Mobile Legends control strategy, hard to conquer! In Mobile Legends as a moba there are definitely many ways to victory. With the right strategy, winning is not a difficult thing. This of course must be accompanied by player skills. But the sheer number of strategies a team can use will make it too complicated.

Control is a pretty way to play straightforward, arguably a little similar to hyper carry. But not vice versa, hyper carry definitely plays control but control is not always hyper carry. By playing control you don’t just think about your team, your opponent’s movements are also very important. The control strategy is very suitable as a counter.

With control, the enemy will be more difficult to play with many obstacles. This strategy gets stronger if you have a strong team. Mature cooperation and good communication are the backbone of this strategy. Therefore it is often used at the highest level.

You can do this strategy consistently if you have team members who are very compact and reliable. Of course this method can help you when you play later.

Here we will provide a small explanation of the Mobile Legends control strategy. With this strategy you will be given lots of advantages. One of them is with control, you can get the benefits of playing mobile legends. Enemy movement will also be limited and difficult to play.

The following is a good mobile legends control strategy you can do:

Key to Opponent’s Movement

With control, your opponent’s movement will be very limited. The enemy will find it difficult to move freely, especially in laning. The reason is that if you have good map control, your opponent’s laning phase will be even more difficult.

Enemies will find it increasingly difficult to rotate and gank. If you continue to control, the enemy will be forced to play passively and you will have many opportunities to play objectively.

Make Your Opponent Cannot Farm

Good map control is not just about keeping opponents out of their position. Besides that, there are also benefits that you can get, namely farming spots. By guarding your opponent’s movements, the enemy will find it more difficult to move for farming.

Farming spots such as lane and jungle will be important things that you take care of. Of course this is very easy for your team to take over their faming place. Net worth will be in your hands.

Enemy Carry Will Have No Safe Place

Isolation is very important in controlling. What is meant by isolation is that the enemy will be increasingly difficult to move. The most difficult role when exposed to isolation is the carry farmer. With good control, there will be no safe place for the opponent’s carry.

Control can be your solution when fighting hyper carry because the enemy will find it more difficult to do farming. But remember, because hyper carry usually uses a good control map when playing later.

Your Carry Will Be Safer

Conversely, if the opponent’s carry will be increasingly difficult to move actively, then your carry will benefit. Your carry team can play more comfortably and is also effective in farming. Even if you can, stealing enemy farming carry land such as invade can be a solution.

You can run the Mobile Legends control strategy for those of you who want to dominate your opponent. With this strategy, the opponent’s movements will continue to be locked and difficult to move. Take advantage of this advantage for your team.

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