Misha Free Fire Review, Skill, Tips, and Best FF Combos

Free Fire is a battle royale game published by Garena for several regions and of course Southeast Asia for Indonesia. It has quite unique features, namely characters, of course when playing Free Fire you will not get bored so quickly. The character features in Free Fire make this game quite similar to even a moba game. The reason is because this character feature in Free Fire has several different skills. This time we will try to explain about the Misha Free Fire Review, Skills, Tips, and the best combos on FF

By using the free fire character, you will definitely get an advantage when playing or in forming a team. One character that is quite interesting to discuss is Misha. Misha is a mechanic in Free Fire who has the skill to affect vehicles. By riding a vehicle, he will provide a very beneficial buff.

Here we will provide a complete review of Misha free fire. Starting from skills, weapons, and also very strong pendaming characters. By learning this, you can certainly take advantage of this one character without difficulty.


Misha is a character in Free Fire with the theme of being a mechanic. Of course, with this background, you already have a few ideas about the advantages of using Misha. Misha is a character who really benefits from getting into any vehicle in Free Fire. He can provide buffs for the vehicle he is riding in.

Using Misha free fire is actually not that difficult because her skills are easy to understand and simple. By playing Misha, you and your squad can take advantage of the vehicles in Free Fire and of course you can help your team members. Can be played in all roles makes it quite flexible when played too.

He is a character that cannot be underestimated because Misha has very dangerous skills when carrying a vehicle. In the early game, he could hit anyone who was off guard and was in the open. In a good squad, Misha can be used as a strong zoning character because she can scout or just provide information around their squad.

In addition, Misha FF can be used as a rushing character where all squads and themselves enter the vehicle and look for other squads. With high speed they can hit the opponent, get out, then flatten the enemy. This can happen even in the blink of an eye.


Misha has a skill called Afterburner. This afterburner works like a buff in general that will benefit users and other team members as well. This very strong skill can certainly be used by Misha.

At first this skill was not very pronounced by increasing the speed of the vehicle it was in by 2% and 5% damage reduction to the vehicle. Of course this skill does have a small multipiler at first, but it will continue to increase later when you level it up.

This skill will start to take effect when Misha free fire already has level 4 where the additional speed will increase to 8% and also the damage reduction which also increases by 20%. This will make him work as a helper and also a roamer who can open a map for other team members or just as a buffer in the vehicle.

When level 8, Misha’s skills will be fully unlocked and have the best potential that can be exploited. Has a speed increase of 12% and also a damage reduction of 30% You will make the vehicle you ride into a super fast tank. No messing around with 12% speed and 30% damage reduction, you will have a super fast vehicle that is very difficult to destroy.


Misha is an ff character who is not that difficult to use because she is a fairly simple character. Of course if you play Misha you have to take advantage of his skills by looking for a vehicle quickly and keep going around. Try to reduce the time you walk as this is the worst condition for Misha.

Misha is quite a character all-around with high flexibility. He can be played as a very aggressive character or as a semi-supportive character thanks to his skills. Depending on the players, of course this will greatly benefit the Misha Free Fire character.


Misha is a character in Free Fire who has the advantage of being in a vehicle. When Misha is in the vehicle she is riding in, the vehicle will get a speed buff and also damage reduction for anyone in the vehicle. It is quite strong and unique if played in the right team because it is suitable as a semi-support free fire role. This is very useful when you run away during guerrilla attacks from your enemies.

With damage reduction and speed, Misha will be very useful when avoiding enemies. Besides that, you can also change Misha to her attack mode when using a vehicle. Well, this is for those of you who like and often hit your opponents during battle, very suitable for using the free fire character Misha.

Even so, Misha also has several characters that complement Misha to be even more maximal in the free fire game. Well, we have a list of characters that will bring Misha to the max when playing.


Notora free fire is arguably the best character when combined with Misha in Free Fire. The reason is easy because their skills do support each other which in this case is a vehicle. Misha, who gives additional speed and damage reduction to the vehicle Notora driving the vehicle, will also provide a buff. Notora will give buff to heal everyone in the vehicle he is driving.


Nikita is a dangerous rusher character when using SMG in Free Fire. He is a character who can have the fastest reloading duration and can play very fast when using SMG. Playing with Misha, they can take advantage of the vehicle to play fast and rushing to get lots of kills, of course.


Shani is a very deadly character in Free Fire because of him because Shani will buff his armor every time he kills. This can even upgrade his armor to level 3. Playing with Misha, these two characters can play very aggressively and are very difficult to lock because they have buffs on each other.


Just like all the characters in Free Fire, of course nothing is perfect. Including Misha where she is an imperfect character and has pros and cons when used. Here we will explain the pros and cons of using Misha on Free Fire.


  • Misha is a very overpowered character when it comes to getting vehicles
  • Very flexible in the choice of weapons that can be used
  • Almost suitable for use with all characters in Free Fire


  • His skill too niche and not universal
  • Jack of all trades master of none, which means that even though he is very flexible, he does not have significant strength outside the vehicle
  • Vehicles are too noisy and easily detected by opponents.

As a character who is too heavy on just one factor, namely vehicles, Misha is actually a strong and kind character, but she is too fixated on just one strategy. A character who is fun and exciting to use, but for a team he must have a strategy or squad that can understand his needs.

That’s a complete review of Misha the mechanic in Free Fire. Having a power that cannot be underestimated in a vehicle, Misha can even roam quickly when traveling around the map in a super fast vehicle. His damage reduction also cannot be underestimated because it can make the vehicle and the people in it work like a tank.

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