Minotaur Mobile Legends, Build Item, ML Emblem, and Best Spell

Minotaur is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends who can also act as a support hero because he has skills that can regenerate his teammates’ HP heroes. This one tank is quite troublesome if played properly.

Besides having thick armor and HP, the Minotaur also has skills that can restore HP and has the ultimate skill that makes him enter his Rage mode.

Minotaur Mobile Legends

The Minotaur itself is a very tanky hero with a skillset that supports it to become a tank with a thick HP. Mobile legends players usually use as main tanks or support tanks as helpers in teamfight mobile legends. He is here to do several things in the initiator and as a carry protector with his skill set

When the Minotaur enters his Rage mode, his body becomes even bigger. If the ultimate skill is activated while in Rage Mode it will give a crowd control effect which is very troublesome to the opposing team’s hero. Skills one and two also have an increased effect when in Rage Mode. Minotour in the Mobile Legends game is a very good tank because besides tanks it can also be used as support.

On this occasion we will provide a pro way to play Minotaur in Mobile Legends. We will also discuss everything from Build Items, Battle Spells, to emblems suitable for Minotaurs. For those of you who are curious and want to know, let’s just take a look at the reviews below!


Build Item Minotaur Mobile Legends

Minotaur Mobile Legends, Build Item ML, Battle Spell, and Best Emblem

The minotaur will be even more overpowered if you use the set build item that we will discuss this. Let’s just take a look at the best Minotaur item build set in the current meta season!

Warrior Boots

Minotaur Mobile Legends, Build Item ML, Battle Spell, and Best Emblem

The first item that is suitable and highly recommended for the Minotaur is this Warrior Boots item. As a tank hero, the Minotaur needs additional speed and defense. This Warrior Boots item can be an option to maximize the performance of the Minotaur.

Warrior Boots are the first item that this Hero Minotaur Mobile Legends must build. By using Warrior Boots, you will get additional movement speed of +40 and also get an increase in the form of +22 Physical Defense. When receiving a basic attack, the Minotaur’s Physical Defense will increase to +5. This item can make it even harder and tanky.

Athena shield

Minotaur Mobile Legends, Build Item ML, Battle Spell, and Best Emblem

Athena Shield is a defense item that must be used by Minotaurs. Athena’s shield provides protection to the minotaur in the form of a shield that covers her body. This item also provides an increase in the form of +900 HP, +62 Magical Defense, +20 HP regen. This shield effect will get stronger as the level of this hero increases.


Minotaur Mobile Legends, Build Item ML, Battle Spell, and Best Emblem

Immortality is also a Defense item suitable for the Minotaur because it can revive it when it dies with the remaining HP of 15% of its Max HP. In addition, you will get +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense to the Minotaour. The effect of this item’s passive skill has a cooldown of 180 seconds.

Antique Cuirass

Minotaur Mobile Legends, Build Item ML, Battle Spell, and Best Emblem

Antique Cuirass is an item that can make the Minotaur thicker and more tanky because using this item will get an increase in the form of +920 HP, +54 Physical Defense, and +30 HP Regen. This item will allow the Minotaur to reduce Magic and Physical Attack by 6% which lasts for two seconds. This item can be stacked up to three times.

Guardian Helmet

Guardian Helmet makes Minotaur get additional effects in the form of HP Regen. This item is perfect for the Minotaur and makes him not have to return to his base to regenerate his HP. It is enough just to take advantage of this item’s passive skill and also its two skills. This item will provide an increase in the form of +1550 HP and +100 HP Regen.


Oracle is an item that can be used to increase shield absorption and HP Regen by 30%. By using this item the Minotaur also gets an increase in the form of +850 HP, +42 Magical Defense, and + 10% Cooldown Reduction.


Minotaur Mobile Legends emblem


The Minotaur is a tank support hero that is perfect for using a custom tank emblem. In the first tier it is highly recommended to increase overall Vitality because it can increase HP by +200 which of course can make the Minotaur more tanky.

Minotaur Mobile Legends, Build Item ML, Battle Spell, and Best Emblem

In the Second Tier it is very good if you increase Fortress because it can increase physical defense by + 8%. Fortress is very suitable to be combined with the build items described above.

At the third tier it is highly recommended to take the Tenacity talent because with this Talent when the Minotaur’s HP is below 40% Physical Defense and Magical Defense will increase by +35.

Battle Spell Minotaur Mobile Legends

Battle spells suitable for minotaurs have two battle spells, namely Flicker and Revitalize.


Flicker will be very suitable to be used to escape from rankings and can also be combined with this ultimate hero skill to give Crowd Control to your opponent. Use this spell according to the conditions!


Revitalize is also very suitable for the Minotaur because it can make him regenerate HP both for himself and for his teammates. If used properly and appropriately, it can help your team win the ongoing war.

How to Play Minotaur Mobile Legends


After understanding build items, emblem sets and bettle spells, here’s how to play Minotaur and gameplay in Mobile Legends.

Early game

In the Early Game, the Minotaur is highly recommended to help the core in cleaning the minon, helping the jungle, and providing back up until the core gets level 4 so that it can rotate and gank.

Mid Game

When entering the Mid Game, the Minotaur must always provide good back up to the core hero. That way the core hero of your team is not easily exposed to ganking. If there is a war going on, you have to help him and stay in the front row.

Late Game

When you enter the Late Game the Minotaur must be a shield for his teammates. Try to keep the damage given by your opponent aimed at all the minotaurs so that your teammates can strike back. It can make your team win the match. Use the ultimate skill well and with the right timing!

Now that’s a complete explanation of how to play pro Minotaur in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!

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