Mineski Infinity Indonesia, Where Are You Going Later?

Recently, a post appeared on a fan page, namely Mineski Infiinity Indonesia, which stated that Mineski as one of the big organizations will develop their brand in 4 countries. Apart from the Philippines themselves, they will also develop their brand by being in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia.

According to the statement that came out, it seemed that they wanted to make Mineski not only a Filipino team, but also a team that would represent SEA later. A question was raised, “will later appear Mineski.ID or Mineski.SEA?”

One thing that caught the eye was the Phoenix Esports team who also shared the post. Plus Agustian Hwang, the owner of the Phoeniix Esports team, has also changed the cover photo.
So, with this expansion? What do you expect, Indonesian eSports lovers?

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