META YSS Support ML by Bigetron Mobile Legends!

MPL Indonesia is pro scene Mobile Legends, which has lasted 6 seasons so far.

MPL ID Season 6 has also arrived at Week 6 at match 3 which brought together Bigetron Alpha VS GeekFam. In this third meeting, BTR managed to secure points for the standings of its victory against GEEK. As if no thanks for being beaten on games First, BTR replied to two games which is full of slaughter against GeekFam.

Here, let’s look at it discussion, Tantrums the BTR Twins in MPL ID SEASON 6 WEEK 6.

The BTR Twins

Matthew MATT Geraldo and Maxwell MAXX Alessandro are identical twins with the Bigetron Alpha team. The MPL roster with the names MATTT and MAXXX is a deadly combination for the team against Bigetron Alpha.

With mid lane held by BTR MAXXX and offlane held by BTR MATTT, chemistry both have become supporters game play BTR.

META YSS Support

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On match 3rd match of BTR against GEEK, BTR using META hypercarry Harith with the help of YSS support in mid lane. Of course, this was a bit surprising for MPL ID’s loyal viewers because of the second reason hero it is hero the usual chosen to be core.

With META YSS support used by the BTR Renbo, the BTR can play very aggressively. Supported by Offlaner-offlaner BTR is compact to do cut on minions and also disturbed GEEK’s jungles. The resulting impact on the consistency of the game aggressive The BTR is a BABYWWW GEEK failure to perform farming and rotation.

The advantage of META YSS support turns out to be useful for opening maps and finding out where the opposing team is. Apart from that it is also to do clearing to minions quickly.

COMBO Shutting Down the Twins

Besides can be witnessed on match 2nd, chemistry between the two BTR twins can also be seen in this match. Every time it happened war, BTR MATTT always does a good cover for its brothers who are core from BTR. By relying on chemistry and trust in cover its good, BTR MAXXX always manages to deliver damage which is very painful for the opposing team.

Even though it is relatively new to carry out its duties in the MPL league, the latest lineup from Bigetron Alpha can be considered quite successful.

That’s it, discussing the tantrum of the BTR twins in MPL ID SEASON 6 WEEK 6.

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