Meta Lunox Tank in Mobile Legends, what’s so good in ML?

Mobile Legends does have a very varied meta, starting from the meta hyper carry, the meta layla tank, but the latest one is the Lunox Tank meta? So, is the Lunox tank meta in Mobile Legends effective and good to play?

Currently the meta in Mobile Legends is very varied, after previously Lunox was actively played as a support hero and continued to be a pretty good offlaner, now there are many who play the Lunox tank meta in Mobile Legends. Then is this meta good enough and effective to play in Mobile Legends?

On this occasion, we will discuss the Lunox meta tank hero in Mobile Legends, which is currently being played by many Mobile Legends game activists. Then is the Lunox Tank meta in Mobile Legends good enough for you to be in a ranked match?

Meta Lunox Tank in Mobile Legends

Before discussing how effective this meta one is, you need to know that the Lunox tank meta itself was first popularized by one of the veteran players, EVOS Zeys. Previously, he was the trainer of EVOS Legends who brought the team to become the champion in MPL ID Season 4 and M1 Championship 4 National Cup 2019.

Then is this lunox tank really effective to play as a tank in Mobile Legends? Even though it sounds quite ridiculous, in fact this meta one is really used, especially in the Mobile Legends tournament.

Is it Effective in Mobile Legends?

If you look at Lunox’s ability which is a very good burst damage as well as a mage, it feels like making it a tank is not very effective to use.

But it’s different if Lunox’s job is to only provide slow Crowd Control attacks, this one Hero can only be used with a build tank, but only serves as a bully from the opponent’s hyper carry.

By using certain items, Lunox can overwhelm your opponent, with fast attacks and a slow effect on items and skills, this Hero can be at the forefront and function to hinder the opponent.

Even so, using the Lunox hero as a Tank itself is not very effective, but it’s different if Lunox is used as a support tank, it’s just that you still need a hero with pure tank abilities to initiate.

Lunox with a build tank is fine, it’s just that the function of Lunox’s own ability cannot be relied on to be a real tank. Which tank must make a map, initiate and also cover your team in Mobile Legends.

Now it’s quite clear, isn’t it, meta Tank in Mobile Legends itself is not very effective to use. You still need other tanks to initiate and the lunox task can be said to only support or receive damage.

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