Meme Leaked Ghana Coffin Comes to Free Fire, Auto Joged FF!

As we know, Free Fire until now, has accommodated quite a lot of total players because of the gameplay. This game was immediately developed, by Garena. So of course, all the updates and events that are given are pretty good. The Free Fire Character Features that are present alone will be added to a lot more later.

For now, the Free Fire game is still played by many people. This is because indeed, the events presented were quite good and interesting. Yesterday Garena just gave the Lebaran Event Leaks, so this way the players can’t wait to try it.

Every time you compete against an enemy, you definitely need a weapon. Don’t worry especially for beginners, because now there are some of the Best Free Fire Beginner Weapons. It is certain that if you use it often, you will automatically be able to master the match yourself later.

The players who play in this game all have a variety of different gameplay. Even to make landfall, it must be different. You can try the Best Landing Tips, so that later you can go down safer and survive longer.

If you know, there are a lot of Free Fire servers and they all have different total players. The Brazilian server is a Free Fire Server, with quite a lot of players. So that Garena, will continue to provide updates first on the server there.

So for now, there is a sales item present on the Brazil Server. Maybe, later this will also be present in Indonesia.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

New Free Fire Brazil Selling Items

Do you all know the Coffin Meme? Where it is a meme where there are 4/5 people carrying the coffin, then dancing with the chest. But this is not an insult, because this is a tradition passed down from generation to generation there.

This meme was quite viral and so hit that the crate-carrying people had even entered a news event outside Indonesia. Of course this makes many people even game developers interested in being able to use these elements.

Taking from Coffin Meme to Become Skin Free Fire

Even now, in Free Fire it turns out that Garena provides a display of sales items that take the Coffee Meme Reference. Even in the appearance above, there are 4 Characters using the Rare Bundle that are surrounding a Coffin.

For this sale too, the Box was given the name Coffe. Almost like Coffin Meme, maybe Garena changed it a little so that the player could shoot it later. So in this box, you can get a variety of attractive prizes.

First there is a Bundle of 2 Characters, then there is also a Coffin which is used as a Loot Box when killing enemies. Besides that, there is also a Coffe Token whose use is not yet known. Reportedly too, there is an interesting emote in this box.

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? do you all understand and are ready to wait for this item? Apart from this information, there are also some Tips for Using the Best Gloo Walls so that you can defend yourself from enemies.

There is even information about Alvaro’s character behavior on external servers, this is quite unique, of course. As we know, in Indonesia this character is quite lacking in enthusiasm.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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