Mathilda Can Be an Assassin in Mobile Legends (ML)

This new Hero in Mobile Legends seems to have quite flexible skills, and can be an assassin too. Even though her initial role was support, it turned out that Mathilda could also be an assassin with her skills. Here we will discuss about Hero Mathilda Can Be an Assassin in Mobile Legends, which you can find out. This hero has strong skills, and can be a support as well as an assassin.

Mathilda is a hero in Mobile Legends, who turns out to be an assassin, even though her role is support. Mathilda has strong buff skills such as shield and movement speed. Buffs like that really help him and the team members around him.

Even though he has a strong buff, it turns out that he also has strong damage skills in attacking enemies. Mathilda is currently in the top tier as an assassin. Not only an assassin, he is also a strong support hero in helping the team.

Mathilda Can Be an Assassin in Mobile Legends

Mathilda has strong skills in attacking enemies, and can run very fast. The faster he runs, the more damage he can do. As a support hero, the damage he has is very high.

This one hero has skills that can continuously attack enemies, as well as movement skills that can keep him moving while playing. His movement speed also allows him to use his skills more effectively.

With her skills, Mathilda can be a strong assassin, with skills that are quite easy to use. You only need to be active, to get the stack, and attack the enemy quickly.

Matilda Assassin

Unlike herself who was the support, Mathilda turned out to be stronger as an assassin. He is even in the top tier as an assassin on mobile legends. Attack with strong damage, he also has fast movement skills.

So, he can attack the enemy very quickly. The build item used is also different from itself as support. You can use items that increase the damage in attacking enemies.

In becoming an assassin, you must be able to play actively to add to the stack of skills. You don’t need to worry. Because, Mathilda is one of the heroes who is very easy to use. The skill is very easy to understand, so you can use it very well.

Mathilda Assassin’s weakness

Matilda is a very active hero and can’t stay still. To increase the damage, Mathilda must be active and keep going. If he is hit by a slow skill, his skill cannot be used effectively.

Mathilda is also the hero who attacks first. If he is hit by a gang, it will be difficult later. You can rely on his escape skill. As long as you don’t get hit by CC skills from the enemy, you will be fine.

That’s the info about Hero Mathilda Can Be an Assassin in Mobile Legends, which you can try. This hero is very easy to use, and can also be a good assassin. Even though he is a support hero too. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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