Match 2 The Bottom Team Standings MDL ID S2 Mobile Legends

In the MDL ID season 2 Week 6 match, each competing team will fight fully to enter the preliminary round.

In match This first, the audience was presented with a match between Alter Ego X against Bigetron Bravo. Both are in a very far position in the standings. AE is ranked 9th while BTR is in 10th place in the standings.

With both positions being far below, it is difficult to ensure that both of them will qualify for the preliminary round. Although one of them will get 2 points.

Immediately, we see the discussion on the first match of Alter Ego X VS Bigetron Bravo on MDL ID S2!

BTR excels in Team Fight, CHOU is the key!

In BTR’s first match against AE, it can be seen how AE stumbled to provide counter resistance against BTR. During the duration of the first match, which lasted 22 minutes, AE only managed to get 5 points kill.

With the presence of Chou, Selena and Jawhead in the Bigetron Bravo team made the initiation to do ganking very sided with BTR. Despite winning in doing team fight, however, BTR looks inferior in terms of turret.

High Defense ALTER EGO X

BTR looks very ambitious and tries to end the game, even until the game ends BTR needs to eliminate lord three times.

Despite losing to do offensive set up, but AE can be said to be very successful to do defense because high ground its strong. High Ground The strong AE was supported by the presence of pharsa, xb and uranus in the AE team draft.

Even when BTR has eliminated it lord twice, BTR still failed to get all turret inhibitor belongs to AE. Yet in terms of point kill, the difference between the two is very significant, which is 26 point kill for BTR and 5 point kill for AE.

Finally with help lord the third, BTR can end the game and get 1-0 points over AE.

That’s it, a brief discussion about the matches of the 2 lowest teams in the MDL ID S2 standings.

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