Many Hated Myanmar Mobile Legends Players!

Mobile Legends has many country iconic heroes, and most of them come from Southeast Asia. Like the heroes Gatot Kaca, Badang, Minsitthar and others. This hero is not widely used. However, we can still use all of these heroes well. Many users hated this country for several reasons. But for what reasons this country is hated by Mobile Legends players, it makes sense.

There are many Mobile Legends players in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Myanmar. Sometimes we also fake the identity of our country with other countries too. Of the many countries in Southeast Asia, for some reason, players in Myanmar are hated. Maybe because most troll players use this country flag. There are many reasons why this Myanmar flag player hates Mobile Legends players.

Actually there are quite a lot of players who come from Myanmar. In fact, there are also heroes whose designs are inspired by the King who came from Myanmar, King Kyansittha in the Pagan Dynasty. This is proof that there are many players in Myanmar.

Reasons for the many hated players in Mobile Legends Myanmar

After that, this is the reason why Myanmar Mobile Legends players are hated. Even though many players play it, players from this country are hated. Do troll players really use it, or do players from there play like this?


Most of the players who came from Myanmar did AFK. This is very annoying because it makes it difficult for the team to fight the enemy. Because, when the team fights, you will be short on members and have to be 4 vs 5. That way, you can lose easily. Not only that, it becomes more difficult for you to control your creep because you don’t have enough team members.


The second thing is to be selfish in choosing roles. Most players with the Myanmar flag are selfish in choosing roles. They always choose the hero they want, regardless of the team. If anyone has a marksman, he will also choose marksman. After that, this player didn’t want to budge and continued to choose the hero he wanted.

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So that’s the reason why Myanmar players are bought by Mobile Legends players. Maybe it’s only the toxic that uses the Myanmar flag and not the original Myanmar player. However, this is very annoying, and annoying when playing other players. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!


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