Many fighters use the Assassin Emblem in Mobile Legends, here are the reasons

If you pay attention, maybe there are fighters who use a lot of assassin emblems. This is not a troll because it is effective. But not all fighters can use this, so you have something to pay attention to. Some of the fighters that entered were bruiser and semi burst.

The assassin emblem does offer a pretty good advantage. Predicted as the best emblem in Mobile Legends, this emblem will increase your offensive power. Of course it will be very useful for heroes who really need damage output.

Interestingly, the assassin emblem does not only sell in assassins. Marksman also uses this emblem which is not strange anymore. But apparently the fighter also uses this emblem. Some fighters use assassin emblems, the better their performance will be.

Here, let’s discuss why fighters use assassin emblems a lot. Of course it’s interesting for us to learn together. Even if you pay attention harshly, the roles of both of them are quite far from their duties and lane. Maybe you are interested in using the assassin emblem.

Many fighters use Assassin Emblems

Some fighters can be very strong using the assassin emblem for several reasons. The most important thing is in terms of playstyle and build items. These two things can be a support and the main reason for using the assassin emblem in the hero role fighter.

Some of these heroes must have a playstyle that seeks high damage output, but not carelessly. The main thing is that their auto damage is the main thing. So for heroes whose damage is based on skills such as X-Borg or Thamuz, they cannot use the assassin emblem.

Keep in mind again that fighters who require high sustain will also have difficulty using the assassin emblem. For example, Balmond and Yu Zhong who needed the Festival of Blood certainly couldn’t use the assassin emblem effectively.

Those who can use the assassin emblem in the fighter role are the fighter hero damage dealers. Heroes like Lapu-Lapu, Alucard, Badang, and Argus. The main reason they use the assassin emblem is to target the very high damage output of this emblem.

The assassin emblem also offers very strong talents and is certainly suitable for fighters like this. Talents such as Bounty Hunter for farming, High and Dry for duels and damage, also Killing Spree for team fight. Depending on your build, the fighter hero will benefit greatly.

That is the reason why fighters use a lot of assassin emblems. Of course, the assassin emblem is very strong, especially if it is used by a very suitable hero. It can really help you in the game, especially if you need damage.

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