Maintenance Free Fire Done, This Is What You Have To Do

Maintenance Free Fire is complete, this is what you have to do. Of course, playing online games is no stranger to patches, bug fixes, and maintenance. This is natural because in order for the server and game ecosystem to remain good, doing things beforehand must be routine. Therefore, usually every few times there will be maintenance that must be done.

When maintenance is running it is sometimes boring because you can’t do many things. Games cannot be played and you have to do other activities. But when the maintenance is finished, the players can of course immediately play with swiftness.

There are so many things you have to do when maintenance is over. You must do it right away, especially during routine maintenance carried out by the developer so that their game can remain active and fresh. As a loyal Free Fire player, you can’t wait to start playing.

Here we will give some things about the maintenance of Free Fire being completed, this is what you have to do. There is no need to do strange things because some of these activities are quite natural and you will often find them.

Prepare Your Storage

When maintenance is finished, the thing you have to pay attention to is your cellphone storage. This is so that later updates you can immediately update and don’t think about storage that doesn’t fit anymore. Immediately check and if it is not enough, immediately delete files and apk that are not important.

Your storage is usually big enough for updates. Up to 30% you have to prepare more than the size of Free Fire because usually this update takes a large enough size from the app store or play store.

Directly Update Your Free Fire

Of course, when the maintenance is finished, you can immediately update your Free Fire. This is so that later you can enjoy the latest content on Free Fire. Before that, you have to make sure that you have enough storage.

The size of the Free Fire update is usually not that large, but when extracting data it usually increases in size. So you can’t play it in storage which will be full.

Read Patchlog Update

In the game or after the update, you have to read the patchlog from the maintenance update earlier. This is so that you know what things get updates from the previous update. Of course, it is very important so that later when playing is not confused.

If there is a gameplay patch, this is very important because it could change the style of play or maybe it will affect the game later. Therefore, you must understand the patchlog.

Immediately Try New Content

Of course, after the update, you have to immediately play and try all the latest content from Free Fire. By reading and understanding the patchlog beforehand, you will certainly know what changes will be made in Free Fire. From these changes, just try one by one.

Trying out all the new content and changes in Free Fire later will be very important because you can immediately taste the new things. Besides that, you can also help developers to find bugs in this latest content.

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That’s the information about Maintenance Free Fire, this is what you have to do. Of course, there will be lots of things you can do after the maintenance starts. Later you can try it yourself.

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