Maintenance FF Done, Download Free Fire April 2020 Update Now!

Until now, Free Fire continues to present many interesting updates and events, so that the players will never get bored playing the game. Free Fire has also been very well developed, so of course this game became the most famous in 2019 yesterday.

The total number of players who have played this game alone, reaches more than 250 million from all corners of the world. With this large total, of course, is something that must be maintained by Garena. So that the players don’t change direction, Garena will bring many exciting things to this Free Fire game.

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In fact they also sometimes open the Advanced FF Server, for the players. Where later, they must register first to be able to enter the server. Also this April, Garena has launched Maintenance on April 8, 2020.

Of course this is awaited by many players, because now there will be many unique and interesting latest updates. So everyone is impatient, and maintenance has been going on from 11 noon.

Good news, that this maintenance has been completed. And you can enjoy the Free Fire Game right now. You will find various kinds of unique and interesting things in this update.

Now on this occasion we will provide new things that will come after the End of Maintenance.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Update After Maintenance Free Fire

  1. Smoke Bomb

Finally, we have another new item called the Smoke Bomb or Smoke Grenade. The ability of this item of course helps you, to escape or make the enemy’s vision blur in a few seconds. This Bomb doesn’t release an explosion, but it releases Smoke.

Of course this will help you, to defeat the enemy in the match later.

  1. Clash Squad Ranked

Even in this update, the Clash Squad mode becomes Ranked Loh. Of course Mode, which was made permanent at that time, had to have more fun. Finally Garena presents a new Ranked Mode, for the current Clash Squad.

Clash Squad Ranked Available April 9th ​​at 2pm.

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  1. New Character – Kapella

After getting a lot of changes in the Advanced Server ff, finally Kapella is officially present in the Free Fire game. Kapella is an Idol, where he is very popular in the Free Fire game.

This character’s ability is also very good, where he can increase the Heal from Items and Healing Skills. Also reduces damage when friends are being knocked.

  1. Latest Camuflage (Only on Kalahari Map!)

Furthermore, we also have the newest Camuflage item in this game, besides Tong, you can use the Box for Camuflage. By using this item, of course you can disguise yourself and adapt to your surroundings.

If you see an enemy passing by, you can immediately kill the enemy quickly.

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  1. Motorcycle System

In addition, Motorbikes have undergone quite good and cool changes. In the past, this vehicle could only be used by 1 person, but now motorbikes can be ridden up to 2 people at once.

Of course, in this way, those of you who play Duo will not be bothered to find a vehicle.

  1. UMP And MP5 Buff

Finally these 2 Underated Weapons get Buff, which is very influential in Meta.

UMP Gets a buff in the Armor Penetration section and the damage of this weapon is increased. But there is a subtraction, in the Range section which has been reduced a little.

MP5 Get a very deadly Buff, even more OP than before. MP5 Receives Buffs in the Fire Rate, Range and Damage section, all of which are increased. Of course this way, MP5 becomes one of the most deadly weapons in Free Fire.

  1. New Pet

This new pet is called Ottero and it will be available in a different way from this maintenance schedule. Most likely, this Pet will be present in Spin or other paid events. But hopefully, this Pet will be made Free by Garena.

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Download Free Fire April 2020 Update Now

Free fire players can download the apk on the playstore right now. You only need to prepare a quota of 300-500 MB. Make sure you have more than 800 MB of storage.

Because it is possible that when extracted, the file will change to a larger size than when compressed. So, what are you waiting for, update now

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Oh yes, there are also Free Fire Characters that you can use to compete later.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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