Magic Damage Items in Mobile Legends, Only for Mage ML Heroes?

With so many choices of Mobile Legends items, of course you will find it difficult to memorize these items. Not to mention that having to separate them with their respective categories which makes more and more items, of course, will be a very complicated thing. But it is quite important. This time we will explain about the Magic Damage item in Mobile Legends which is very useful for all mobile legends.

Items in Mobile Legends which are very important to master will be the main key to victory. In addition to build items, learning this is also important as a counter build. By memorizing and of course understanding the items in Mobile Legends, later you will benefit when playing.

One of the item categories in Mobile Legends is Magic Damage. This magic damage item can be said to be often used by mages, but not always. Some assassins, fighters, and even marskmen buy magic damage items.

Here we will provide a list and explanation of magic damage items in Mobile Legends. Important enough to be mastered will certainly be a very important skill for you.


The magic damage item as the name implies is that its effect will increase the user’s magic damage. Very suitable and must be purchased for heroes who have high damage and scaling with magic, this item must be used. In addition, these items also serve as counter heroes for mobile legends or other items.

It is very important to master and learn to play, these items are quite a lot. Therefore, Mobile Legends players often have difficulty memorizing existing items if they are not used to it.


+50 Magic Power
+250 HP
+ 20% CD Reduction
Passive Ability – Mana Spring
Recovers 10% of the hero’s maximum Mana every 10 seconds.

Enchanted Talisman is a quite interesting item and is often used by heroes who are often hungry for mana. This item will give you a very high mana regen and even you can play without fear of running out of mana. The reason is because which regen has high scaling, then you don’t need to be afraid if you waste your mana.


+60 Magic Power
+25 Armor
+400 HP
Active Ability – Frozen
After using this skill, your Hero can’t do anything for 2 seconds, but he is also immune from any damage or effects. This skill has a cooldown of 100 seconds.

This item does provide very strong stats ranging from magic damage to sustain from armor and HP, but there are other reasons to buy this. The active effect of winter will give you the opportunity to freeze yourself. When frozen you are helpless and immune to anything.


+65 Magic Power
+ 30% Attack Speed
+ 5% Movement Speed
Passive Ability – Affliction
Adds 40% Magic Power as additional Magic Damage to normal Hero attacks.

Feather of Heaven is a fairly unique item because this item will be very important for several heroes. If your hero is a magic hero who has or often performs auto attacks, then this item is very strong. With high magic and strong ASPD, this item is the strongest item for several heroes.


+70 Magic Power
+ 10% CD Reduction
+ 10% Spell Vamp
Passive Ability – Life Drain
Reduces target’s HP regeneration effect by 50% when wounding it, for 3 seconds.

This item has a very good stat and is also strong, but this item was purchased for other reasons. Durance is purchased if you fight a heal or regen hero. The effect of this item will reduce the effectiveness of the opponent’s troublesome heal and regen effects.


Attribute Unique Passive
+65 Magic Power + 40% Magic PEN
Passive Ability – Spellbreaker
Increase PEN magic bonus by 30% when HP is above 70%

Divine Glaive is an item that is said to be able to pump your magic damage even higher. With a magic pen of up to 70%, you can even give magic damage that feels like pure damage because you find your opponent’s magic res.


Attribute Unique Passive
+90 Magic Power + 25% Magic Power
Passive Ability – Exterminate
When the skill hits the target, the next skill will get an additional 15% Magic Power. This effect lasts for 3 seconds or until the next skill is issued. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

It is obligatory to buy this item if you plan to become a mage in pain. Having a very high magic stat, this item also provides a unique passive in the form of additional scaling which will be very important for your magic power later.


Attribute Unique Passive
+70 Magic Power
+700 HP
+ 25% Spell-vamp
Passive Ability – Recharge
Restores 10% of total HP after killing an enemy Hero.

This item is often purchased by sustain mages, fighters, assassins, and several other mages. Providing high power, this item is also useful for sustain thanks to its spell vamp. Strong enough and important to use.


+75 Magic Power
+ 10% Spell Vamp
+150 Mana
+ 7% Movement Speed
Passive Ability – Ice Bound
The skill that causes damage will reduce the target’s movement speed by 15%. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and can be stacked 2 times.

With very good stats and above average, this item also has a very passive effect. This item has a slow effect on your spells which will be very useful for CC heroes. Poke heroes also often buy this item.


+75 Magic Power
+400 HP
+ 5% Movement SPD
Passive Ability – Scorch
The skill that generates damage will burn the target for 3 seconds, causing Magic Damage of 2% / 3% / 4% of the target’s HP (Minimum 10 damage).

With a decent stat, this item also offers a very strong passive effect. The Scorch effect that will burn the opponent every spell on them, of course, will drain the opponent’s HP no matter how big their HP is.


+70 Magic Power
+100 Mana
+30 Mana Regen
+ 10% CD Reduction
Passive Ability – Calamity
After using the skill, the next regular attack will get a True Damage bonus of 120% of your Hero’s Magic Attack and provide an additional movement speed of 10% temporarily. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

Often bought by mage burst heroes and hero spammers. This item provides excellent stats and is valuable to use. In addition, this item also has a burst effect every time you use an auto attack after using a spell. Very useful for burst heroes.


+60 Magic Power
+615 HP
+600 Mana
Passive Ability – Time
Adds 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack every 30 seconds up to 10 times.
Passive Ability – Reincarnate
When Time gets a full 10 stacks, your Hero will receive 5% Magic Attack and 300 Mana.

This item offers a very strong ramp stat if purchased early in the game. This item is very important to buy for heroes who often become mage sustain. With this item they will be thicker and harder to kill.


+150 Magic Power
+500 HP
Passive Ability – Nirvana
Adds 1.5 HP for every 1 Magic Power point

This item is often purchased late in the game thanks to its conversion effect. Having the highest magic stat and the most expensive magic item, this item will also convert your magic into HP. It is suitable for all magic heroes who need additional defense.


+70 Magic Power
+ 10% CD Reduction
Passive Ability – Timestream
Reduce the cooldown of your Ultimate skill by 35% after getting a kill or assist.


+75 Magic Power
+300 Mana
+ 10% CD Reduction
Passive Ability – Resonate
Every 6 seconds, the skill that generates the next damage will produce additional Magic Damage that hits the 3 closest enemies. This damage increases with the increase of your Hero’s Mana.

A very high CDR will be useful for spammers or heroes who have high CDs. In addition, the passive effect of this item which cuts the ultimate CD will be very useful for heroes who have deadly ulcers.


Attribute Unique Passive
+75 Magic Power
+ 5% Movement Speed
+15 Magical PEN
Passive Ability – Magic
Dealing damage to enemy heroes will reduce 3 – 10 of their Magic Defense (scales with level).
This effect lasts for 2 seconds and can be stacked up to 3 times.

This item is suitable for purchase early in the game thanks to the flat magic pen effect. Often bought by assassin mage heroes or other burst heroes. This item is also very strong in the late game when combined with other magic pen and magic raw items later.

Those are the magic damage items available in Mobile Legends. As an item that is often purchased by mage heroes, of course, you must read and memorize it. Not only mages, because other roles that have magic heroes will greatly benefit from this item.

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