Lucky Spin Tricks for Claude Hero Free Mobile Legends (ML)

You can get free heroes by using tips and tricks to draw at the Lucky Spin event in Mobile Legends, especially in this period, Moonton gave Claude’s hero as a gift at the Lucky Spin Event in Mobile Legends, for those of you who want to try your luck, use the tips that will we convey the following. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide tips and tricks for drawing at the Lucky Spin Event to get Claude’s hero easily in Mobile Legends.

Lucky Spin is a permanent event that has long been presented by Moonton in the Mobile Legends game. This event can give you free skins and heroes in the future. You can certainly get the main prize on Lucky Spin in several ways which we will convey below.

Lucky Spin Tips and Tricks in Mobile Legends, Free Claude

The main prize at the Lucky Spin Event which is currently being held is the hero Claude, whose marksman hero is one of the most OP marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero is quite difficult to play because you have to always maintain the stack it has. Now to try this hero and get it permanently in Mobile Legends. It would be nice if we try to get this hero at the Lucky Spin event by using the following tips and tricks.

Play Classic or Ranked

Playing is one of the things that is fun, but there’s nothing wrong if before you draw on Lucky Spin you play first. Although this sometimes seems like a myth, there are quite a few players who try or fad and get prizes at Lucky Spin. Play about once or twice, and then draw.

Use Multiple Tickets

Next, use as many tickets as possible to get Claude’s hero in Lucky Spin. The minimum ticket you have is around 1000 – 2000 tickets and is used at the same time to draw at Lucky Spin. With that many tickets. Surely you will immediately be able to get Claude’s hero easily.

Draw With 5x Mode

Use and tick 5x per draw using 100 tickets on the Lucky Spin. This method can help you draw quickly and don’t take up time. Not only that, by drawing 5x one click, surely the opportunity to get a new hero prize is getting bigger.

But again. Drawing on Lucky Spin really counts on your luck. Make sure you have lots of tickets so you really get the grand prize at Lucky Spin in Mobile Legends.

That’s it for Lucky Spin tips and tricks to get Claude’s hero for free in the Mobile Legends game. For you marksman users, make sure not to miss this opportunity at a later date. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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