Lucky Shop Skin ML Which Will Be Present in Mobile Legends 2020

There will be one more Lucky Shop Skin that will be present this year. The new skin is a special skin that you can get for free by exchanging it with a Lucky Gem.

The newest Lucky Shop skin that will be coming in 2020 is Harith. Harith who is a mage hero who is still OP at this time. This hero has burst damage and is quite popular to be played in Mobile Legends today.

Super agile abilities with fast-paced gameplay. Harith is the favorite hero who coveted many new skins.

After the Epic Limited skin from the EVOS Skin. This time there will be a new Lucky Shop skin that will come with an upcoming update on the Mobile Legends game. Skin Harith Fashion Expert, which is a skin with a special caste, you will be able to get it for free at the Lucky Shop in an upcoming update.

Lucky Shop Skin That Will Be Present in Mobile Legends in 2020

Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game will present the latest skins for the Harith hero in Mobile Legends. The skin will be named Fashion Esperts which will be the newest Lucky Shop skin in Mobile Legends.

It is unquestionable that Harry is currently the favorite hero. By providing the latest skin again. Later it will make Harith players happy with this new skin.

For those of you who don’t know the Lucky Shop. Lucky Shop itself is a feature found in Lucky Spin in Mobile Legends. There are several items available at the Lucky Shop including heroes and various other animation effects.

But currently only 2 Lucky Shop Skins are available that you can get. Among them are the Odette Skin and also the pre-existing Sun Skin. To add to the skin collection, Moonton presents the latest Lucky Shop skin, Harith, which you can exchange for a Lucky Gem.


How to Get a Lucky Gem

To get the latest harith skin you have to use a Lucky Gem to exchange it. You can get this skin with 40 Lucky Gems which you can collect in Mobile Legends.

The way to get your own Lucky Shop is quite easy. Namely you can get it by spinning Lucky Spin. Of course, to get a lot of Lucky Gems you can’t get it instantly. Kaian has to sacrifice quite a lot of Tickets and spin many times.

Each spin will be given a random prize. Like hero or skin, hero trial or skin trial, magic dust, Battle Point and also Lucky Gem. If enough Lucky Gems have been collected then you can exchange them for this latest Harith Skin.

So that’s the leak about the latest Harith Fashion Experts skins that will be coming in 2020 on Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram on Esportsku (@ esports.ku) for more updates. Stay Tune!

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