Love Story in School! This is a list of films with the theme of love in school

Nowadays, let alone hang out with friends at the mall, even going to the cinema has not been officially opened by the government, surely everyone feels bored, right! But on the other hand, there are various interesting and exciting choices to create a home-style atmosphere of leisure, that is, you can watch movies on Netflix.

Sometimes this film can be a moodboster to treat missed days at school or college, but it is just for the entertainer in this day and age. Then don’t have to linger any longer, here is a list of films with the theme of love stories at school, let’s watch and watch the film too!

There’s Love in High School (2016)

The film, which was released in 2016, stars many young chords and actresses in the country. This film tells the story of a student who wants to change the situation at school and tries to become the new student council president in his school. This film deals with the high school days against the background of the election of the new student council president.

Galih and Ratna (2017)

The film Galih and Ratna is a remake of 1979, but this film is still a very worthy film to enter into your viewing. Although the film is made different from the previous film, this film depicts the love story between Galih and Ratna in high school.

Remember When (2014)

Remember When is a film adapted by the best-selling novel by Winna Effendi, this film combines sadness, excitement and romance when you watch it. Tells the story of the quadratic relationship of children who are still in high school, and makes the audience’s feelings become mixed. This film also depicts how the love story in high school happened, and is quite irritating and annoying.

Sky Castle (2019)

Sky Castle is a drama from Korea with a background in high school. This drama tells the story of several groups of young people who are very rich and bully the poor girl at their school. No other student dared to stop them, until in the end there was one boy who could not stand the group of bullies, then what would happen to that girl.

So, here is a recommended film with the theme of Kasha Cinta at school. Don’t forget to share with your friends, if this article is useful, that’s all, thank you!

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