Listening to the Consistent Game from ION Esports in PMPL ID Season 2

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) has just passed its third week. There are many surprises that occur every week so that there are always new teams who top the weekly standings. However, there is something interesting if we pay attention to how ION Esports has performed in this tournament which has been running for three weeks.

A total of 24 of Indonesia’s best PUBG Mobile teams are currently competing furiously in PMPL ID Season 2 which has been going on for the last three weeks. Every week the 24 teams will be divided into three groups and interestingly, there is always a weekly standings every week. With this system, all teams have the same opportunity to be the best every week.

A team’s great weekly performance will improve that team’s ranking in the overall standings or Global Leaderboard. Every week, as we have been following all this time, it always brings up new names.

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Consistent Performance from ION Esports

Through this article, we will discuss ION Esports, which, if we pay attention, can play consistently for the three weeks of PMPL ID Season 2. Let’s refresh our memories to the first week and so on until the results of last night’s match.

In the first week, ION Esports’ performance brought them to second place in the weekly standings as well as the overall standings of PMPL ID Season 2. With 153 points, ION Esports is in second place after Bigetron RA in first place with 175 points.

Next in the second week Boom and RRQ Ryu shot to become champions. Meanwhile, ION Esports’ performance is still in a consistent game with third place. In the overall standings, BTR is still safe in first place and is followed by ION, who after the score is updated, both of them get the same points, which is 283 points but differ in the number of kills.

With the same points, it provides a great opportunity for ION to take over the top of the standings from Bigetron. It didn’t take long, on the first day of the match ION immediately coup BTR from the number one seat! You can read the full details about the match on the first day of the third week here.

As a team from Group A, ION took a day off on the second day and returned to play on the third day. On the second day, the Boom and RRQ Ryu teams still played their best. However, the success of the two teams was only stuck on the second day because on the third day of the third week, our old hero Morph went crazy and topped the weekly standings. Not only that, Morph also got into second place in the overall standings.

Then what about ION Esports? This team is still playing consistently by becoming the second team in the weekly standings with a total of 128 points. ION’s consistent play also secured their first position at the top of the overall standings by leaving the other teams with a total of 411 points!

If we look at the development of ION Esports in PMPL ID Season 2, it is true that this team has never won first place in the weekly standings but ION is able to play consistently by always being in the top 3 ranks every week. That also makes ION Esports safer in the first position of the Global Leaderboard.

Another achievement of this team is its members, namely ION Redfacen, who since the beginning of this tournament took first place on the Terminator Leaderboard or the player with the most total kills. At present, even Redfacen’s ION kill acquisition has touched 71, leaving far other players who are still in the 40-50 kill mark.

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It’s all about strategy. The tournament, which lasts for weeks, requires optimal stamina and the games presented by ION Esports show that this team is very good at maintaining the quality of its team play. Congratulations to ION Redfacen, I hope the game can inspire other teams!

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