Ling vs Fanny ML, Which is More Difficult in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends has many unique heroes that you can use, and how to play each hero is different too. You can try it in Training when you buy the hero, and try out how the hero skills work. That way, you can play well when you try the heroes in Classic or Ranked. Here we will discuss the use of heroes in Mobile Legends between Ling Vs Fanny ML.

Of the many heroes in Mobile Legends, many say that Fanny is a hero who is difficult to use. But there are also those who say that Ling is difficult to use, because the dash used is difficult to control. These two characters are indeed difficult to use, because they need the right timing and position to attack the enemy. Because, it will be very dangerous if you miss or incorrectly issue skills later to issue the Combo Skill.

Fanny is difficult because the cable he uses has to hit the terrain or existing walls, and has a limit because of the energy it has. As for Ling, it was difficult because his skill position to attack the enemy had a short range. Not only that, his Ultimate had a difficult position to direct to pick up the sword and charge his energy.

Here we will discuss about Ling and Fanny, which one is more difficult in Mobile Legends ?. Both have skills that are difficult to direct, and have limited energy. However, which one is more difficult to use, here we will discuss it.

Ling And Fanny, Which Is More Difficult?

Both are popular and widely used characters. Fanny is very difficult to use, but if you can master it well, you can have a lot of kills and lift the team. Ling is an assassin who can roam easily, and a dash skill that allows him to dodge and attack enemies.

Surely you have your own decisions about which of Ling and Fanny is more difficult, huh. It all depends on how you play these two heroes. So here we have a few points that can determine which one is more difficult than these two heroes.


Fanny is an Assassin hero who has unique skills and is quite difficult to use. The cable skill is very reliable, because it can reach great distances and attack the enemy that Fanny hit. The damage he gives is also very large, making him a favorite hero.

What makes this Hero difficult is, the direction of the skill. If you shoot a skill and miss, your Energy will be consumed. To fill up quickly, you have to attack the enemy you marked with the Fanny damage skill. That means, you must continue to attack the enemy continuously.


Ling is also a Hero Assassin with fast dash skills. Ling can jump over Walls and has a Dash skill that deals high damage. It will be very difficult to attack Ling, if you fight alone, because Ling has a very high escape skill.

What makes this Hero difficult is the Energy it has and the Dash it has. Ling’s dash was very short and difficult to use. Ultimate Ling makes a wide circle and buffs it. In the circle there was a sword Ling could pick up and reset his Dash Skill. Apart from resetting the skill, the sword also gave Ling Energy. It was very difficult to pick up all the fallen swords and strike the enemy, making Ling difficult to use.

That’s the info about Ling and Fanny, which one is more difficult in Mobile Legends. If you look at it, it is indeed more difficult to use Fanny, because her skills require precise positioning and calculations. However, Ling is also difficult to use, because it takes speed and accuracy in using his skills. What do you think? Which Hero is difficult to use? Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!


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