Let’s Get To Know Anastasia Angelica, Brand Ambassador of EVOS ESports!

One of the attractions in an esports team is the presence of a Brand Ambassador. This is often applied by the Indonesian Esports scene industry. Now, one of the Brand Ambassadors for the EVOS Esports team is Anastasia Angelica, a beautiful and beautiful person who likes to play Mobile Legends games.

Anastasia Angelica has been the Brand Ambassador of the EVOS Esports team for quite a long time. He has been involved since 2017, where he is a Gaming Brand Ambassador who is ready to answer all questions from EVOS Legends fans.

In the past, Anastasia Angelica was an SPG of a graphic video product, she was popular and talked about a lot at that time. However, since 2017 officially became the Brand Ambassador of EVOS Legends, where Anastasia Angelica often shares her daily life with EVOS Esports live on Anastasia Angelica’s Fanspage account.

EVOS has offered Brand Ambassador to Anastasia Angelica since she was 18 years old and is an SPG from a graphic card vendor, which is the title of Nvidia’s Gamers Day.

There is one beautiful woman who is oriental as a reliable SPG. Anastasia Angelica is very good at communicating with customers.

Anastasia Angelica managed to impress the Evos team and wanted to invite her to work together, with the hope that in the future this beautiful woman will be able to introduce the Evos Team to the wider community.

Of course, Anastasia Angelica’s assignment in Evos itself is the source of various main sponsors of Evos, with her skill in communicating, making Evos flooded with sponsors.

Since then, Anastasia Angelica has become the Brand Ambassador of Evos Esports until it has been around 3 years and wants to go to her 4 years of independence together with Evos Esports.


Anastasia Angelica has a beautiful face and always looks attractive whenever and wherever she is making Angel successful in facing many people, starting from the sponsor team, fans and others.

Of course, the main task of a brand ambassador is to be at every event that Evos Esports is performing, starting from matches and various other events. Anastasia Angelica is in charge of attracting the attention of the audience in attendance.

Until now, the Evos Esports that you know is one of the results of this Anastasia Angelica as a successful Brand Ambassador. Hopefully in the future Evos Esports with Angel will be even more successful.

So how do you think about Anastasia Angelica who is the Brand Ambassador of Evos Esports from 2017 and has now managed to get to know many people, especially in Indonesia. I wish you more success!

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