Let’s Add Your Girlfriend’s Title on PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile has millions of active players spread all over the world. To accommodate the size of this game community, PUBG Mobile provides features to facilitate so that each player can interact with each other. One of the important features is that you can add a title for your boyfriend in the world of PUBG Mobile.

Like a forum with millions of members, PUBG Mobile also provides facilities so that each player can interact with one another. This also allows the community to do gatherings that initially only met in games so they can meet in the real world.

The features to accommodate PUBG Mobile players are also made very well. One of the things that will be discussed in this paper is about the titles that you can give to your boyfriend or your partner in the game. Regardless of whether that person is indeed your boyfriend or real acquaintance in the real world or just a girlfriend or acquaintance in the game, you can give titles such as BFF, Bromance, to Lover.

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With this title you can display other players with you by telling the world PUBG Mobile that you are a partner. Even though in the real world you don’t have the hook yet but at least in the game world there is.

Now, instead of getting more curious, here’s a way to add a title to your partner in the PUBG Mobile game world.

How to add titles for your partner in the PUBG Mobile game

To make it even more bored, we will show the display of Bigetron RA’s rusher account, who is competing tonight. You can see there is another character next to him who is none other than BTR Babyla who is indeed his real girlfriend in the real world. Bucin BTR yes.

So for those of you who want to be like that, let’s find a boyfriend! The point is to be able to have a character appearance like that, the following is how to add the title of the pacara in pubg mobile:

  1. First of all, make sure you and your partner have more than 400 synergies.
  2. Open the Friends or Friends menu and go to the Synergy option. There you find all the players connected to you.
  3. Select the player you want to partner with. It is important to note that you should not be embarrassed by sending it to random players without prior approval.
  4. In the player you choose to partner with, there will be several partner categories, namely Buddy, Bromance, and Lovers. The example above is between BTR Ryzen and BTR Babyla using the title “Lovers”.
  5. For the title Lovers, only one player is allowed while the rest, namely Bromance, Buddy, and BFF, a maximum of you can enter 5 players for the four categories mentioned earlier.
  6. When finished choosing who the player you want to give a certain title, return to the homepage. Click your avatar to open the main menu.
  7. Click the Synergy button in the upper left corner. Later you will see the map of your current connection with other players.
  8. After logging in, click the partnership button in the lower right corner of the screen. A pop up will appear with a description of the invitation and agreement to become a partner.
  9. There you will see a list of players that you previously chose to be your partner, whether Lovers, BFFs, and so on. Click Send so that the request to become a partner will be sent to the player you are referring to earlier.
  10. Just wait if the player will accept your request to become a partner. When he accepts it, your character’s appearance will change as shown in the BTR Ryzen and BTR Babyla pictures above.

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That’s how to add a title for your boyfriend in the world of PUBG Mobile games. Beware, don’t just send it, let alone get bapered with players you meet in the game world. If all of a sudden he just hodes the trap, right? Good luck!

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