Lesley’s Build Painful in Mobile Legends, ML’s Nightmare Hero

Lesley is a marksman mobile legends, which in the early game is not that strong, but when the late game comes, she can kill enemies with just one or two shots. The reason Lesley has such high damage is because of her passive and S1. Well, mobile legends players should also try the Lesley Build in Mobile Legends which allows high damage.

This can be abused by playing it safe on mobile legends, and Lesley can deal very high crit damage to enemies efficiently. In addition, Lesley is a very strong hero to finish off opponents with her ult. Himself can kill enemies from afar.

Lesley has a skill that allows him to escape from the entanglement of enemies who are doing ganking. By kicking Lesley, she can escape from her enemy and also run to determine the next attack. Mobile legends players can use the builds below so you can win the match. We arrange it in such a way as to get out all the potential of Lesley mobile legends

You have to make Lesley, who has very high potential, to make it even more sick. He has a high damage output and also a long range. This combination makes Lesley a mainstay carry for many people.

Here we will give the Lesley Build in Mobile Legends where you will feel this high damage.

Build Items for Lesley in Mobile Legends


As an ADC, ASPD shoes are certainly very important, and Lesley is no exception. He benefited greatly from this shoe because the DPS was able to continue running so consistently where the other shoes were not doing so well.


Lesley, who needs critical damage to make her passive sicker, will need Fury as her core item. With Lesley’s Painful Build, Mobile Legends can provide deadly high damage to enemy heroes, of course.


Getting a high ASPD and crit chance certainly makes Windtalker a very strong item. Apart from that, Lesley, who has shortcomings in wave clear with this item, can at least be helped for lane farming.

ENDLESS BATTLE As Lesley’s Painful ML Build

This item doesn’t make much sense with Lesley’s damage because her S1 gives a bonus damage stack with Endless, besides that when S1 is on and is also endless, the crit that is launched will be very deadly.


This deadly item has the highest raw damage in the game for physical damage. Apart from that, passivity in this item will be very deadly because it gives bonus damage to a dying enemy, this can be used by Lesley in S1 and also her ulti to finish off enemies who are trying to escape.

MALEFIC ROAR to Build Lesley’s Painful Mobile Legends!

For Lesley’s Build Painful, the last Mobile Legends is actually quite flexible because its core items have been fulfilled. But there are two strong items for him, namely Malefic Roar and also Scarlet Phantom. Malefic Roar which is very suitable for fighting tanks and also this push will destroy enemy armor with high scores.

Scarlet Phantom Lesley will have a higher damage output against squishy heroes or just a duel. Mobile legends players can use this so they can avoid enemies who like to gang like Aldous who might catch you. That way, you can fight it using Scarlet Phantom.

That’s Lesley’s best build item that you can use on Mobile Legeds. This build will prioritize its full damage burst to make it deadly in lategame. This build is also a build that makes Lesley a sick hero later. Of course, with this build you don’t need to be afraid of anything that gets in your way at that time. Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram!

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