Lemon’s way of silencing EVOS SG on M2!

The meeting between RRQ Hoshi and EVOS SG was indeed an extraordinary match. How could I not, a competition for position upper bracket in the round playoffs M2 is so fierce going on.

RRQ and EVOS both insisted on winning. RRQ, which was superior with a temporary score of 1-0, actually lost momentum and made EVOS able to equalize to 1-1.

EVOS forces RRQ to create games 3 certainly makes RRQ’s opportunity to secure the position upper bracket to be threatened. In addition, EVOS also provides resistance and classy performance in front of RRQ.

However, starting line up The RRQ facing EVOS has something more than ordinary. Where there is the figure of Alberttt who is nicknamed the Alien Baby and also Lemon the Alien.

It must be admitted that RRQ in the end succeeded in securing its position in upper bracket with a final score of 2-1 from EVOS. However, these results were truly achieved thanks to RRQ Lemon’s extraordinary contribution games 3.

Not only on games 3 alone, but Lemon also has other very significant contributions. Just take a look at the discussion below!

Benedetta EVOS Soul

From the side sidelaner EVOS, Soul is a player who is so proficient and mastering his duties as sidelane very well. Plus, EVOS Soul has 2 hero its flagship which is also on the latest META is so popular among people pro player.

Second hero these are Benedetta and Yu Zhong. On games 1 and 2, EVOS Soul relies on Benedetta to guard sidelane from EVOS. No doubt, the quality of Benedetta EVOS Soul deserves thumbs up.

How could it not be, EVOS Soul repeatedly succeeded in bothering RRQ’s defense formation and even made the heart of RRQ ter’s defense-pick off thanks to him. However, there is a difference in performance shown by EVOS Soul on games 1 and games 2.

It is because of games 1, EVOS Soul against RRQ Lemon. Interestingly, RRQ Lemon has its own way of silencing the Benedetta EVOS Soul. Where RRQ Lemon uses Belerick as sidelaner.

EVOS Soul proved to be a bit of a hassle at this games 1. In contrast to his Benedetta’s performance which amazed the audience at games 2.

Lemon VS Everybody

Not only referring to EVOS Soul, but RRQ Lemon also shows its quality in front of EVOS on games 3. Broadly speaking, RRQ is under the pressure of EVOS. However, RRQ Lemon is so brave by using Lapu-Lapu.

The reason is, repeatedly without hesitation and full of confidence Lapu-Lapu RRQ Lemon faced 3 or even 4 members from EVOS at once. Not only a brave act, but RRQ Lemon actually reaped great success by successfully making it core from EVOS tar-pick off thanks to these actions.

On the other hand, RRQ Alberttt, who played consistently and patiently waited for the opportunity to produce a meaningful victory for RRQ’s position in M2. That’s the discussion about Lemon’s way of silencing EVOS SG on M2!

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