Leaks the latest Mobile Legends (ML) boxer heroes!

Mobile Legends is indeed a MOBA game that often provides the latest updates for its players. This is done of course to make the players feel at home playing this game. You need to know that there is a leak of a new hero of a boxer in Mobile Legends.

According to the news circulating that Mobile Legends is currently working on a new hero who is rumored to be inspired by a reliable boxer in the world. There is a video that shows a little of its appearance in a gameplay, but for more details it is still not known with certainty.

So, on this occasion, Esportsku will review the leak of the new hero of a Mobile Legends boxer. For those of you who are curious and want to know information about the leaks of this new hero in Mobile Legends, let’s see the full review below!

New Hero Leaks A Boxer in Mobile Legends

The new hero who is said to be a boxer is named Pacquiao. The appearance is only still in the form of design from the default and normal appearance, for the appearance in the gameplay itself is still shaped like an orbs. It is said that this new hero was inspired by a world-class boxer from the Philippines, Many Pacquiao, because his name was made similar.

At a glance, a little description of the skills of this new hero, that one skill is a damage area skill, the second skill is a typical escape or blink skill, and the ultimate skill itself is a typical attack skill combined with blink. It is also very likely that this hero will become a role fighter in Mobile Legends, given the short attack range and skills that are identical to those of a fighter.

For the design appearance of this hero itself is quite cool because it is depicted like a true boxer who uses two red boxing gloves. Maybe later the appearance in the gameplay will be made a little like hero chou. According to the leaked information about the new hero of a boxer in Mobile Legends, Pacquiao is currently in the manufacturing stage.

All skills are tried first to function properly or not, adjust their appearance, and are being prepared for release first on the advanced server Mobile Legends. The full details are still not known for sure because this is still a leak. But as we know, if there is a leak like this it means that Moonton is preparing something new to come to Mobile Legends.

Whether the results will be good or not, according to the current leaks, we don’t know for sure. In essence, this leak was made, maybe the purpose of making players curious and also so that they know that Moonton is preparing a new content in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are interested in this new hero, just wait until information is released from Moonton!

So that’s a review about the leak of a new boxer hero in Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. Hopefully it can be a good reference source for all of you! What do you think about the end result of this one boxer hero?

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