Leaks of the Latest Skin Elite Hero Khaleed Mobile Legends (ML)

Moonton has prepared the latest elite skin specifically for the Khaleed hero in the upcoming update to the Mobile Legends game. This latest skin has a very cool and gripping appearance, and is quite similar to a character in a game franchise that is quite popular. So curious about the latest skin leak?

Khaleed is one of the fighter heroes who is currently quite meta in Season 18 of Mobile Legends. This one hero played quite a lot in ranked matches to various tournaments such as MPL ID Season 6. Previously there was only one skin, namely Normal skin which was the default skin when this hero was released. After a few months, Moonton prepared a new epic skin for the Khaleed Mobile Legends hero.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the latest information for the Elite hero Khaleed skin that will be present in the upcoming update on Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are gamers of Mobile Legends. Check out the full review below.

The appearance of Khaleed’s Latest Elite Skin in Mobile Legends

The leak of the skin will be included in the Elite caste, but if you look at the appearance of the artwork itself, this skin is very cool, handsome and gripping. As we mentioned above, this skin is quite similar to the characters in the game franchise Assassins Creed or Prince of Persia. With a style that depicts Khaleed as an assassin, this one hero is ready to become an assassin in the Land of Dawn.

Khaleed himself is one of the heroes who was inspired by mainland Egypt, which if you glimpse the place of origin of Khaleed. Then this one skin is the most suitable for its use. This new skin will have an all-blue black theme with a very gripping aura.

At the top there is a blue hood that you can see in the game Assassins Creed and a blue scarf that is long enough to cover part of the body of the hero Khaleed. Also complete with the appearance of an eagle that he signs, which indicates that Khaleed is ready to target his prey.

For accessories on this latest skin, Khaleed uses an armor on both hands, complete with Khaleed weapons that you can see on his normal skin, but with a different appearance and of course cooler. At the waist there is also a sabur made of gold or gold-colored metal which makes it look very dignified.

On the back of the Khaleed, there is also a garment which has a fairly long robe. If the normal skin is white, this time it will have a pretty tense blue color.

Unfortunately, until now Moonton has not yet given a name for the newest skin of this Khaleed hero. As for the price itself, it will be the same as the previous Elite skins that were present in Mobile Legends. You can get this latest elite skin with only 599 diamonds.

So that’s for the latest Elite skin review that will be given to the Khaleed hero in the Mobile Legends game. Of course, the information above can be especially useful for those of you who are Khaleed users in Mobile Legends.

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