Leaks of the Latest FF Wish Shop Presents Tiger Clubber Free Fire

The events that are presented in the Free Fire game, all of them are quite good and certainly very interesting to try. On the current Brazilian server, there is the Latest Wish Shop 6.0 free fire event which is quite cool. So it is possible that in the future the event will also be presented on the Indonesian server in July today.

The updates in the Free Fire game are indeed good and will certainly be able to make, the players will never be bored to play this game later. Especially in the future, the game will continue to get better so that it will be one of the busiest in the future.

Right now we are on the Indonesian server, indeed the presence of many of the latest events and of course is very cool. All of these events do give lots of cool prizes, because this is also one of the events that is quite special for the players.

If yesterday we attended Brazil’s Newest Moco Event, it turns out that Garena changed the name of the event. It was too fast for the Moco Event, finally without thinking anymore this event was finally renamed the Wish Shop Free Fire Event.

At this very moment the event is still being presented on the Brazil server, which presents a pretty cool Bundle. But for the big possibility, this event will definitely come again in Indonesia later. Curious about the information? Check out the article below.

Wish Shop Free Fire Event 6.0

At this event, players on the Brazilian server attended a lot of cool items, which were present in this event. So in this Wish Shop Event, we will be presented with a Tigger Clubber bundle. On the Indonesian server, this bundle was presented a few days ago to be exact.

Wish Shop FF

Of course the Wish Shop event that is being presented on the Brazilian server right now is also quite good, so we Free Fire game players can’t miss it. Because the prizes that can be obtained from this event are quite good and certainly very interesting to take.

So that you can take part in events like this, try to be able to choose the first and second prizes first. In that event, in the first prize we were presented with a cool Bundle, one of the bundles presented was the Tiger Clubber.

For the second prize, we are also presented with a cool bundle, you just have to choose which bundle you want to present as a gift at the event. After you have selected 2 bundles, then you can start Spinning at the event.

So, for example, if you get a prize when you spin, then the prize won’t be able to be obtained later. You can also get this Bundle with only 1 or 2 spins, but of course the chance of that is certainly quite small.

When you have Spin, later the Diamond price for Spin will continue to increase. The following is a list, of the Diamond price.

By participating in an event like this, we will definitely have pretty cool bundles and prizes. So all of you who can’t wait for this event, it’s better to prepare diamonds first because if you want to get all the prizes, you definitely need a lot of Diamonds.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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