Leaks of the Grand Collector Mobile Legends event, you can choose the skin you want!

The Grand Collector Mobile Legends event will be coming soon next month. This one event allows you to choose any skin you want and is certainly an interesting event for you to know.

The Grand Collector event is a part that will be present along with the Epic Showcase Event in the following month. Now this one event allows you to choose what skins you get.

This is of course beneficial for those of you who already have skins found at the Epic Showcase Event and replace them with skins that you don’t have so that the prizes you get can be useful and of course this is very interesting.

On this occasion, the leak of the Grand Collector Mobile Legends event which will be present in February 2021. This one event allows you to get a prize what skin you want at the Epic Showcase event.

Mobile Legends Grand Collector Event Release Date

Grand Collector Mobile Legends event

The Grand Collector event will begin on January 5. Starting with the Epic Showcase Event for the hero Wanwan and the next Epic Showcase event, you can customize the gifts you want at the event.

Each Epic Showcase Event will give prizes in the form of 3 additional skins and one main skin. Usually Moonton provides one Epic Showcase skin, one Special skin, one Elite skin and one normal skin.

In addition there are also Border Avatars and several other prizes such as Magic Dust, Rare Fragments, Hero Fragments and others. Now before that Moonton gave Epic Showcase prizes with prizes that couldn’t be changed.

In this case, so if you already have the same skin prize, then you have to convert using Skin Rare Fragment. This of course will make you even more excited to draw.

To replace it, you can immediately click on the available skin icon. Here you can change the main Collector skin, Special Skin, Elite Skin and Basic Skin, each of which is given a choice of several skins that you can get.

This Grand Collector event will certainly really help those of you who will get the Wanwan Pixel Blast skin in January 2021. This can allocate other skins so that you can play them later.

Unlike the regular prizes, which if you already had the skin previously, you can only exchange the rare skin fragment heroes, which of course can only be exchanged for starlight skins, and some normal skin heroes. So that the value of the power is not balanced.

Now that’s all about the leaks of the Grand Collector Mobile Legends Event which will begin to be presented in February 2021 onwards in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully, the presence of this event can make you even more enthusiastic about participating in the upcoming 2021 Epic Showcase Event.

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