Leaks of Peyton’s New Hero Fighter Skills in Mobile Legends (ML)

The latest leak comes from the Mobile Legends game. Where Moonton previously provided information regarding a new fighter hero inspired by a boxer named Manny Pacquiao. This new hero will be named Peyton, so here is the skill leak of Peyton’s new hero in Mobile Legends.

The name Peyton itself is actually not a last name, which may later get a name change like the previous heroes. Usually Moonton changes the name of a new hero twice before the hero is released in Mobile Legends. Now, the latest news is that we’ve got skill information for Peyton’s hero in Mobile Legends. Intrigued by the ability of this one hero?

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a leak for the newest fighter hero skill named Peyton. This one hero is inspired by a boxer named Manny Pacquiao, well here is a complete review.

Peyton Mobile Legends New Hero Fighter Skill Leaks

This new hero is reportedly going to be one of the heroes that looks like Chou’s hero. Both are inspired by the original fighters. The following is a complete explanation for the leak of Peyton’s new hero skills in Mobile Legends.

Passive Skill: Champ Stance

Peyton will get the stack that he gets after attacking his opponent with a basic attack or skill. When it reaches a certain stack. Peyton can get certain effects such as Reset Cooldown, increase attack speed, increase damage, to movement speed.

This Champ Stance ability will be active for every skill it has. Which can make Peyton a hero over power with a buff from Peyton’s stack in each varying skill.

Skill 1: Parry

Peyton’s first skill is Carry which this ability can provide damage while neutralizing the opponent’s damage. Parry can increase Peyton’s Movement Speed ​​and give a heavy blow to the opponent and deal damage according to the stack.

(Champ Stance): The passive ability effect for this one skill can increase the duration of Parry’s skill hit, increase damage reduction and movement speed. This skill can provide hook skills to opponents with great damage.

Skill 2: Jab

Peyton would run forward and then jab. The hit will deal physical damage to all enemies in the area of ​​effect of the attack.

(Champ Stance): The active passive effect will increase the greater damage to the Jab skill when attacking and give physical damage to enemies around him.

Ultimate Skill: Annihilation Strike

Peyton will give uniforms to all enemies in front of him and give physical damage and push the opponent in the targeted direction. Then Peyton submits a haymaker quickly and deals damage and slows down the opponent in a few seconds.

(Champ Stance): The passive effect of this ultimate skill, Peyton will launch a hook attack and provide physical damage then give the opponent a slow and airborne effect.

So that’s the leak for a new fighter hero skill called Peyton in Mobile Legends. But make sure that the above is only a leak and there is no specific damage about the skill. Therefore, at any time Moonton can change and provide additional skills when it is released later.

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