Leaks Defeat Borboleta Free Fire Boss to Get the Latest FF Bundle!

Playing games to get rid of boredom is a pretty good thing. In the future, the games that are present on Android will continue to increase, but if you want to try an exciting game, you can immediately play Free Fire now. This game has a lot of players, as well as a very exciting challenge. This time there is a Leak event for Defeating Borboleta Free Fire Boss which you can get the latest bundle.

In the future, Garena will definitely provide a lot of the latest updates, where it will make you feel comfortable playing this game. In the past few days, we have the Latest Update for June 2020 Free Fire which has lots of new things.

For now, the game also has many cool events, so that all of you can get cool prizes. Now, there is the Beach Party Free Fire Event with some cool prizes, which you can get by collecting Tokens.

But of course, Garena will definitely provide another update for this game. So that you will definitely never get bored, to play this Free Fire game. In Free Fire Brazil alone there is a spoiler, the latest event is coming again.

Even though this is a Web Event, it turns out that this is a new change from the Duke Borboleta Free Fire Event which was there yesterday. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Duke Borboleta Boss Latest Event Free Fire

Yesterday the event to get this Bundle was indeed quite challenging, because you have to shoot using bullets that contain a cool prize from the event. But it turned out that the event was being re-presented, in a different state and form.

Maybe because of the request of the players on the Brazilian Server, where they have been participating in the event. So finally Garena has provided a second chance for players who are left behind. Where they present the event, with a different form.

Free Fire Boss with HP System

For the event that was brought back by Garena, it turned out that the system and how to get the bundle were different. So here you have to finish off Boss Borboleta’s cellphone, so you can get the grand prize in the form of this cool bundle.

So, if you want to deal damage to the boss, of course you will be given 3 options to provide the damage. In this event there are Hit Options, MP40 and AWM. For each of these choices, of course the damage given is definitely different.

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Previously, this event was also present on Indonesian servers, but remember, the bundles that are presented are of course different. Maybe in the future this event will return to the Indonesian servers, but with the same bundle prize opportunity is arguably quite small as well.

In the following, we will also explain, 3 optional options that can provide damage to the boss.

The HP Boss in this event has a total of up to 200 HP

  1. Hit: Damage 0 To 200, Cost 10 Diamonds
  2. MP40: Damage 3 to 200, Price 50 Diamond
  3. AWM: Damage 10 To 200, Price 100 Diamond (Max 3 Times)

So the point for giving Damage will appear, depending on the circumstances and if, for example, you buy MP40 and AWM. Then the minimum damage you give is 3 or 10 and of course it can be more.

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But if for example by hitting, of course the minimal damage here is 0. Even so, the opportunity to inflict great damage can also be done only with this option.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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