Leaked Skin Rockie Zombie Free Fire (FF)

Now there is a Leak for the Top Up FF Skin Rockie Zombie Free Fire Event, so you can get it immediately in this Free Fire game later. Because with this information, surely you will also be prepared for the things that will be present in this game later. Because there are many new things, so that we can feel well in the free fire game later.

The updates that appear in the game Free Fire right now are indeed of a large number and of course we can feel all the prizes of the event that were present. Of course you shouldn’t miss something like this, especially from the Halloween Free Fire Event yesterday too. So from that, these new events present another leak for us.

It is true that there are lots of new things for us to know, therefore you shouldn’t miss all of this. Just look at the explanation, in the article below now.

Leaks of the Free Fire Rockie Zombie Skin Top Up event

So for those who attend today, we can see for ourselves that the events on the Indonesian server are really good. But there are also some things and other leaks, where it relates to external servers. So for this we can also know, if for example the Rockie Zombie Skin Top Up Event is actually present on an outside server so we can get it later.

But there are some important things that we need to know too, if an event like this will definitely not appear on the Indonesian server. We also knew yesterday for sure the Top Up Pet Rockie Free Fire Event, where it just continues on this server. Then it is also continued if there is indeed an event, which shows that for example the prize is this skin.

After that, you can also know the Event Forward Never Backward, because from this event you will get a Zombie Skin from Pet Rockie. But even so, we have to know, if this external server, you only need 300 Diamonds for top up. Meanwhile, if we only do 1 Diamond Top Up, we will get Pet Rockie later.

Get it on Indonesian Server?

Following an event like this is quite interesting, but what we need to know is that this event will not be present either. Even so, you might know an event that is almost like this huh. With things like that, the benefits we play will be even greater and we will feel it far for now in the top up event, the leak will also be later.

Moreover, you also know that the leak will be present on the Indonesian server or not in the game. But we also know, if all the information present is sure to change. Because from leaks it isn’t necessarily 100% correct, but you might see a few different things. Therefore, first know what will be present even though the contents of the prize are not the same.

You can also read the Free Fire Free Top Up Tips, because this is indeed one of the good things for the future. So those of you who want to get a lot of total Diamonds, try these tips. Because from here, our advantage is even greater in having many cool things and items using the Diamond.

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