Leaked Skin for the Latest FF M79 Weapon Royale Free Fire 2020, Colorful Grenades!

Until now, Garena will continue to present lots of the latest updates with all its interesting features. All of this is presented, so that you will never be bored when playing the Free Fire game. Even at this very moment, the Free Fire game already has many new things that you can try. Now there is a Leaked Skin for the latest FF M79 Weapon Royale Free Fire 2020 which you can find in the next update.

The updates that Garena brings to this game are all very good and interesting to try. Even with this update, it has made the Free Fire game the best in 2019 yesterday.

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Free Fire also has many features that you can use, this way you can win matches easily. In the game alone, there are lots of interesting features that you can try, of course.

Even now, it is reported that Garena will present the latest Big Update in April 2020. All the new things that are in the Advanced Server, will be coming soon to the Original Server.

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The weapon skins that Garena has presented into the Free Fire game, are all very numerous. Even this weapon skin, is quite cool and very interesting to collect. Every weapon skin that is present in this game, all of them have different stat additions.

Even later, there will be a new skin update for one of the weapons in the game Free Fire.

So we will also provide information about that weapon to you too.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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M79 Weapon Explanation

The M79 weapon is one of the deadliest weapons in this Free Fire game. M79 is a weapon with a launcher type that is quite dangerous, even damage from M79 can kill enemies quickly.

This weapon releases a grenade, so it produces an explosion if fired at the ground. This explosion, resulting in considerable damage. So naturally, if the damage generated from this weapon is very large and very strong.

Even now, there are still many Free Fire players who use this weapon. Alvaro’s character is very suitable, when paired with M79.

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Leaked Skin for the Latest FF M79 Weapon Royale Free Fire 2020

On the Outer Free Fire server, there is someone who managed to find a leak of the latest weapon skins that will be coming soon this April. This weapon skin, it turns out, will be owned by the M79 Launcher which is very deadly.

Even this weapon skin, will later be presented into Weapon Royale Free Fire. Just like the previous Punisher Bundle, where the first Bundle comes out and then the weapon skin. The appearance of this M79 Skin will be different from the launch of the Bundle in Diamond Royale.

For those of you who don’t know about this Weapon Skin Pair, it turns out that this M79 Skin will be paired with the Easter Bundle which will soon be present in April 2020.

So it has been confirmed and fixed, that this Diamond Royale will be coming soon and this Weapon Skin will be present in different timeframes.

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So that’s the information on the Latest Weapon Royale Free Fire 2020 Skin FF M79 that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you interested in getting this Weapon Skin?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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