Leaked Rare Items for FF Avatar and Free Fire 2020 Pants

Free Fire is one of the games that is quite famous until now, even this game has a Battle Royale type which is quite booming now. Until now, Free Fire also presents many new and interesting updates to try. So that you players, will never get bored playing the game. This time there are leaks of rare FF Avatar items and Free Fire 2020 pants that you can get later.

This game is published directly by Garena, so all the updates and developments that are presented are quite good and very interesting. Until now, the Free Fire game has had a total player of up to 250 million from all corners of the world.

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Even in this game, there are also many Free Fire Characters that are quite interesting to try, there are even some of the Best SMG Weapons that are strong until now. In addition, there are some tips for Counting the Most Powerful UMP and MP5 Weapons in this game.

Even now there is also some information about new updates, which will be available in the future in this game. The more new updates, of course this will make the Free Fire game quite good and interesting again.

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Right now, we have got the latest leak which will be back in this Free Fire game. Of course, we will share this leak with all of you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Latest Leaks of Rare Items in the Free Fire Game

Some of these leaks are already present on the Brazilian server, and some are still not officially presented. For now too, there is a recent leak where 2 items including Rare will be present on the Indonesian server as well.

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Items that are already present on this Brazilian Server are Angelic Pants. Back in 2018, these pants were already present at the famous Zombie Samurai event. But finally, these pants are back in 2020 now.

Even the demand for these pants in Brazil, is very high. This is because, this item has indeed become one of the very rare or rare items in the Free Fire game.

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The next items that you can get in this game are Banned and Avatar Angelic, these two items are classified as rare or rare in the game. It is even reported that the banner and avatar will be presented for free.

So later you have to complete the mission, so that the prizes from this event can be obtained by all of you. The banner and avatar, now also not officially presented. But Garena has already given it, there are several players who often create content.

One of them is Free Fire Mania, they have tried and installed the Banner and Avatar.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you impatient waiting for this to arrive in Indonesia?

Even now, there are several ways to get Groza weapons and tips for using the best Gloo Wall. Even now, there are some of the best Free Fire Silent Killer Tips.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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