Leaked New ML Skin for Valir Demonlord in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game that always brings interesting updates every month. One of them is the presence of a skin on the hero in the game. Now the latest, there is a leak of Valir’s new skin called Demonlord Mobile Legends.

Valir is a very meta-mage hero and is often used as a support hero in Mobile Legends. Has a very annoying ability, namely in the form of knockback type crowd control, it can hinder enemies and inflict great damage. With this skill combo will make this one hero very deadly.

On this occasion, the latest skin leak that will be released for the hero Valir under the name Demonlord. This skin is very cool and most likely a special skin or epic limited skin in Mobile Legends.

Leaked new skin for Valir Demonlord in Mobile Legends

Valir is a hero who is quite active given a skin in Mobile Legends. He has quite a lot of skins, starting from normal skins, elite skins, and also the latest skins with the epic category he already has.

Moonton leaked artwork for the new skin of the hero Valir this time. The new skin will be named Demonlord tang which has a very cool appearance.

Valir himself is very synonymous with the red fire dragon. But this time Moonton tries to present a slightly different skin. If before the red fire dragon. Now Valir has transformed into a Demon King with a black dragon.

Most likely, this new Valir skin will be a special or epic limited skin. It could be that the Valir Demonlord is given at the Epic Showcase event in the future.

The Valir Demonlord had the appearance of a very muscular king. Valir’s appearance is overhauled to become one of the most powerful characters.

In this skin, Valir wore a typical Japanese kimono, with quite complete accessories such as a belt, shoes, robe, and a headband that indicated that he was a demon king.

The kimono worn by Valir has black all over the corners. This garment also symbolizes Valir’s enormous power. Nor is the aura present around the Valir area complete.

There is the aura of a Demon King around Valir that you usually see in the anime about Demonlord. The aura is blackish purple and some also form a very cool dragon aura.

Until now, there is no other information about when this Valir Demonlord skin will be released in Mobile Legends. But certainly this skin will be present in the future.

It’s quite unfortunate, why doesn’t Vale get the skin, because there are quite a few players who want the new Vale skin instead of the hero Valir who has gotten a lot of skins to date.

So that’s our review of the latest leak for Valir Demonlord’s skin in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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