Latest Treatment Gun Free Fire Skin on Elite Pass 26 FF Now!

The games that are presented to Android are all quite good and very interesting to play. If for example we want to try a game that is quite exciting, just play Free Fire right now. Because in this game, there are many interesting things for us to try. So because of that all of us, definitely won’t feel bored at all.

In this game there have also been many cool updates, so we all will definitely not be bored to play it. There will also be more updates, so that the Free Fire game will be even busier and more famous in the future.

The events that are given to the Free Fire game are also quite good and very interesting to try. Now besides that, we also have the Elite Pass Free Fire feature, so in this feature we can get a cool bundle that is very rare and very good.

So soon we will also have the newest Elite Pass in season 26 to come, so that way we shouldn’t miss it. Because of this feature, it will definitely be easier for us to get lots of cool items.

The pre-order of the Elite Pass recently presented a very cool weapon. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Prizes for Pre Order Elite Pass Season 26 Free Fire

Latest Treatment Gun Free Fire Volatile Skin on Elite Pass 26 FF

Every time we make a Pre Order, there must be a cool extra gift for us to bring too. So far, these pre orders always bring cool prizes. So for those of you who like to buy Elite Passes, it’s better to do the Pre Order.

Because the Pre Order is a Premium type of Elite Pass, which is different from ordinary Elite Pass Members. In this Premium Elite Pass, we will immediately get the first Bundle in it. So, for regular members, you have to start from the beginning.

Of course, the price of this Pre Order is quite cheap, so we all can’t miss it. Besides the price that is presented is quite cheap, you can also get other additional prizes later. So that way, you definitely won’t lose to do a Pre Order.

Good Skin

Now for the prize that is being presented by Garena right now is the Skin Treatment Gun, of course this is one of the special weapons for Supports. If shot at a friend, then that friend will be exposed to enormous Heal.

So in this way, those of you who are Support players, don’t forget to Pre Order the Elite Pass too. In addition to the cool Treatment Gun prizes, it turns out that we can get cool bundles in the future. Bundles in the Elite Pass, everything is pretty good and very cool.

Even now, the Elite Pass being presented has a Rampage theme. So, of course, the bundle that will come later is better and definitely very cool for us to collect.

The Pre Order will usually take place 2 days before the change of the month, so for this we have a Pre Order on June 28, 2020. So you all have to prepare Diamonds now, so they can be used for the Pre Order.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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