Latest Skins Ruby Pirate Parrot Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that always brings the latest updates every month, starting from skins, heroes, features, buffs and nerf to make this game made by Moonton even more interesting. One of the newest is the skin for the Ruby hero with the theme of Pirate Parrot mobile legends, here are leaks of appearance, gameplay effects and more.

Ruby itself is one of the hero fighter hybrid tanks which is quite special because it has a pretty good lifesteal ability. This one hero became a meta in the middle of season 18 yesterday, but unfortunately it was quite dim at the beginning of season 19 at this time. So, hopefully, the presence of this ruby ​​skin can make him quite meta back in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the latest skins that will be presented for the Ruby hero in Mobile Legends. This skin will have the name Pirate Parrot with the theme of a pirate with a large scythe. You can see the appearance and animation effects as follows.

Leaks of the Latest Ruby Mobile Legends Skins

Ruby Pirate Parrot Mobile Legends (ML)

Regarding the latest skin, this one has actually been around for a long time in Mobile Legends. However, it is only a leaked sketch and still has no other information. But this time there are quite a lot of circulating appearance and skill effects of the latest Ruby Pirate Parrot skin in Mobile Legends this one.

This time Ruby will have the same Pirate or pirate theme as the Starlight hero skins Karina, Bane, Claude and Roger. With Ruby Pirate Parrot Mobile Legends will be the fifth Pirate-themed skin in the Mobile Legends game.


This time, Ruby is wearing a pirate costume complete with one eye patch on her right. Ruby wears thick pink and black clothes and a large scythe in the shape of a golden yellow boat anchor.

Then for the animation of this Ruby skin, it looks more colorful and different as before. You can see the gold color of the weapons from every Ruby attack. This is different from the original animation which is blackish red.

This Ruby Pirate Parrot mobile legends skin is reportedly going to be the newest starlight skin that will be coming in 2021. That way, will add to the collection of starlight skins that will come, including Benedetta, Badang, Atlas to Ruby. Make sure you look forward to this one skin in Mobile Legends.

So what do you think about the latest skins that are here for this Ruby hero? Having the appearance of a pirate and reportedly will be the latest starlight skin that will be present next year, of course, will make Ruby present in the meta at a future time.

That’s all the latest reviews about Ruby skins that will be coming, hopefully with the presence of the above reviews it can be useful especially for those of you who are looking forward to the presence of Ruby skins. Wait for the latest information about other Mobile Legends games and see you!

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