Latest Harith Fashion Expert Mobile Legends skin at Lucky Shop ML

Harith is one of the Mage heroes who until now is still quite Over Power in Mobile Legends. Harith is a burst damage type mage hero because by utilizing the skill combo he has in Mobile Legends Gameplay he can easily kill his enemies. Well, this time we will discuss about the latest Harith Fashion Expert Mobile Legends skins at Lucky Shop ML that you can get.

As we know, when playing with Harith, he really needs a blue buff because using a blue buff makes him not wasteful. In addition, the cooldown of his skills becomes faster so Harith can spam skills to kill his enemies quickly.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of the latest lucky shop skins, Harith Fashion Expert Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know more information about this latest Harith skin, let’s just look at the reviews below properly and correctly!

The newest Lucky Shop skin, Harith Fashion Expert in Mobile Legends

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legens brings good news to you Harith players in Mobile Legend. It is reported that Moonton will make his new skin for Harith’s hero. This new skin is named Fashion Experts and is rumored to be one of the skins that will be available at the Lucky Shop in Mobile Legends.

After previously Moonton gave Harith’s Evos Legends skin, it turns out that Moonton will give Harith’s new skin again. This is because Harith is indeed one of the Top Rated heroes played by many Mobile Legend players.

For those of you who don’t know Lucky Shop, Lucky Shop is a shop feature in the Lucky Spin option in Mobile Legends. There are several items available at the Lucky Shop including heroes, skins, and various recall animation effects.

Get Crystals in Lucky Spin Mobile Legends


To be able to buy something available at Lucky Shop Mobile Legends you need a Crystal obtained through Lucky Spin Mobile Legends. After you have managed to collect Lucky Spin Crystals and the number is quite large, then you can exchange them for heroes, skins, or the animation effect of the Mobile Legends recall.

Now you can get Harith’s newest skin through the Lucky Shop which you can expect to exchange for 40 Crystals from Lucky Spin Mobile Legends. In accordance with the name Fashion Expert, this skin has the theme of Harith which is Fashionable because the costumes it uses are quite trendy.

Harith is seen wearing glasses and the dominant color used in this skin is purple combined with blue and green. Overall, this skin is very good and it is possible that this Latest Fashion Expert Mobile Legends skin will be included in the Special Mobile Legends skin category.

So that’s a review of Harith’s newest skin, which is said to be the latest Mobile Legends Lucky Shop skin, Harith’s Fashion Expert in Mobile Legends that we have reviewed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. During play.

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