Latest Free Fire Weapon Update and FF Attachment

Garena free fire is one of the games that gamers in Indonesia are interested in. Garena free fire professional players from Indonesia have already made Garuda’s name in the prestigious free fire match on the international scene. Garena updated the latest Free Fire Weapons and FF Attachments in early October.

This time, Garena Free Fire updated its latest October feature in an Advanced Free Fire Server event which was just opened for registration in early October. The Advanced ff server feature itself is a feature offered by Garena for free fire players.

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This is so that the players don’t get bored playing this game made by Garena. Because many features will be updated when entering the main server after the Advance server is free fire before

Latest Free Fire Weapon Update and FF Attachment

Early last October, Garena Free Fire opened the advanced free fire server registration. Free fire players can play on the Advanced ff server if they are already selected players on this Adv server

Latest Free Fire Weapon Update

This newest weapon is a Shotgun type weapon named M1887 and will be coming to Free Fire soon. This weapon is the same as other Shotguns, it seems that this Free Fire Weapon Update will also require SG Ammo to use it.

Apart from that, the advantages of the Free Fire M1887 Weapon Update also have a longer range of fire. This is compared to other Shotgun weapons in the Garena free fire game.

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FF Attachment

In addition, Free Fire players will have a new attachment to update Free Fire Weapons this time. However, we are not sure what names will be given to these two new attachments.

However, we already know the function of the two new attachments, one of which has the function of attaching great damage and accuracy to the M60 free fire weapon when shooting continuously. For the other attachment, it functions to expand the range of MP5 free fire weapons

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That’s the Latest Free Fire Weapon Update and FF Attachment on the advanced free fire server this October. Look forward to the main free fire server!

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