Latest Free Fire (FF) Diamond Redeem Code July 2020

There is a new FF diamond redeem code in July 2020 for you free fire players to use later. As a battle royale game that is very busy, of course there are lots of Free Fire players who are loyal to play it. It is quite active on the part of the developer, they are almost consistent in releasing the latest content. So, for you loyal Free Fire players, we have prepared something very interesting.

In order to celebrate the 4th anniversary of my Esports, we have prepared lots of diamond free fire redeem code prizes for you. Previously we announced a free Elite Pass Free Fire giveaway for you, now is the time for us to give diamonds.

The diamonds that we provide are also not small, because we have prepared great things. We have prepared more than tens of thousands of FF redeem codes for you loyal Free Fire players and my Esports fans. Of course there are some things you should know here.

We will provide information about the latest FF diamond redeem code for July 2020. The method is quite easy, so all of you have the same opportunity to get the redeem code. Of course, with a few things to remember later.


In order to celebrate the 4th anniversary of my Esports, we have prepared lots of prizes that you can win. No half-hearted, there are more than tens of thousands of diamonds that you can achieve. The method is also easy because everyone can do it.

You only need to be active on our website, Esportsku and also be active on our Facebook and Instagram social media. Everyone has the same opportunity so don’t be afraid not to get it. If you have no luck, take it easy as this is only a small part of our giveaway series. There will be many more until the end of the year we provide it continuously for you Free Fire players.

Because it will make a big celebration that you must enjoy on the 4th anniversary of my esports. So don’t you miss it to celebrate my 4th anniversary of esports.


For those of you who are wondering, when will you be able to use this FF redeem code, take it easy because we give you time. We will start this diamond giveaway on July 24, 2020 which later we will immediately announce. Winners will be drawn randomly so you have to be active on our website.

After that there are still a lot of giveaways waiting for you, so you guys just relax. Most importantly, be active on our web and social media to find out about the next giveaway. So keep up with the development of the latest FF diamond redeem code.

Players who want to follow the latest Diamond Free Fire (FF) redeem code July 2020 on my 4th anniversary of esports must meet the following requirements, you must comply with each point.


How to get the latest FF diamond redeem code is also not too complicated. You only need to do a few things below to enter the raffle. You can see this method below;

  • Active in the comments column Esports. You must be active on our web page to increase the chance of getting a free fire diamond redeem code. Simply comment and share all of our posts, you will be able to increase your chances of winning. Try to use an email account when commenting because we will contact you from there later.
  • Be active in our Instagram social media. Not only from our old official website, you also have to be active on our Instagram. By commenting on the giveaway post, liking, and sharing, you will also enter our giveaway. Of course you have to be active and follow the developments from there. We will provide a lot of information on the esports scene and also giveaway the upcoming FF redeem code.
  • Apart from Instagram, we also have Facebook. Just like before, active like like, share, and comment on our Facebook page, you will also get the chance to win. The more active you are on all social media and our official pages, then you can get thousands of free fire diamond redeem codes!

We also provide some existing FF redeem codes or the redeem code will come. For example, the FF4M redeem code, which you will soon be able to get when free fire holds a prize.

That is the information regarding the latest FF diamond redeem code for July 2020. Of course, by doing a few easy steps you can get a lot of benefits from the FF redeem code. Not only is it information about the esports scene, we also have a lot to offer! Therefore, be active and continue to be with my Esports.


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