Latest Fire and Ice Pan FF Skin May 2020 Free Fire, Burning and Freezing Effects?

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game that is pretty cool, even this game also has many other interesting updates. Garena is the direct developer of this game, so that what is presented in the Free Fire game is very good and very well maintained. Even with the emergence of something like this, it made the game even busier than before. This time there is an update for the latest May 2020 Fire And Ice Pan FF Skin Free Fire that you can get later.

The update that Garena has now brought into the Free Fire game has reached a very high level. Even Garena is rumored, will always bring many other latest updates in this game. So that you will never feel bored, and can feel other new things.

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The events that are presented by Garena are free fire too, are not half-hearted as prizes. They usually present events with prizes such as Bundles, Weapon Skins or other attractive prizes. In this way, of course you can collect these prizes.

All types of free fire weapons in this game are all quite useful and very good. Everyone has also received their own various weapon skins, be it regular or melee weapons. All of them have cool skins, some even have legendary ones.

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Even Melee, like Pan himself, also has his skin too. In addition, it has also been reported through leaks spread on the internet. You will get a new pan skin in May 2020.

Now on this occasion we will provide information about the Latest May 2020 Fire and Ice Pan FF Skin Leaks Free Fire

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Leaks of the Latest Fire and Ice Pan FF Skins for May 2020 Free Fire

In addition to long-range weapons, Pan will also be competitive in its use in matches. Even this weapon, is quite unique in the Melee type. Where is the Pan weapon, able to throw enemy bullets that are fired at you.

Of course this way, you can have a Shield that is quite small. Even the Bullet Bounce, can hit the enemy and can kill the enemy too. So until now, we have presented a lot of weapon skins that are quite interesting.

Pan also has a good skin too, some even have a Legend level. The skin of this Melee weapon is quite unique and different from other Melees. Where later you will see a logo, in the middle of the Pan.

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So now are the 2 latest Pan Skin Leaks, which will be available in May 2020. Even though it is still an issue, this leak has been awaited by many people.

Maybe those of you who like to use this weapon will try to get the skin.

The following is a preview of the two skin leaks for all of you.

Skin Pan Api Free Fire

Skin Pan Ice Free Fire

It has not been reported yet, how to get this Weapon Skin. Likely, this weapon skin will be present in the Shop using Diamond.

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So, those are some information about the latest May 2020 Fire and Ice Pan FF Skin Free Fire that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you impatient waiting for this weapon skin?

That’s all, Thank You and Booyah nature.

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